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I wish I had a girlfriend. I have had sex with about 7? women in my life, but I just want a girlfriend now. I am in my 20s and just want someone to hang with that likes what I like. I hate this stupid society I've been forced to live in. I just feel so alone. I have a few irl frens but I haven't seen them in months because o0f work schedules and them living an hour away and that niggerfaggot Biden is fucking over gas.
>finally get first house
>all alone at night on weekday
>decide to walk a mile to the nearest bar in town
>bartender says its closed when I walk in even tho theres people
>walk to another bar a mile and a half away
>its closed too
>walk home total of 4 miles
>I drink an hour on the porch all alone listening to music as noone even drives by
I just wish I had someone to tell me they love me and to hold me and kiss me. Feels bad. But I feel confident I will soon get a girlfriend if I keep trying. Tonight is just a sad night.
> I just wish I had someone to tell me they love me and to hold me and kiss me.
Get a dog

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