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Normal Thread: >>>/vg/384663080

>Persona Live Concert announced for October 8-9!
>Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is now out on modern consoles.
>Persona series' 25th anniversary plans announced to begin September of 2021 and continue with new announcements through Autumn of 2022.
>Producer of P4AU announces that Rollback Netcode will be added for Steam and PS4 this summer.
>P5U.jp (Arena) Expires: 2023/04/30
>P5B.jp (Unknown) Expires: 2022/12/31
>P5M.jp (Unknown) Expires: 2022/12/31

>We have moved everything to GoogleDocs and on the Internet Archive:
>New and improved Birthday Chart

/pg/ OC:
>Draw Corner archive
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Hey Anon! How's it going? What's your favorite persona game?
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Makoto is for...
File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
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big if true
i like the persona games
Persona is fun
File: kujikawa-rise-rise.gif (802 KB, 498x398)
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A general free of needless drama, I love it
File: Takuto_enemy.png (212 KB, 566x668)
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Say thank you to him
post cute persona girls!
File: risepin.png (1.37 MB, 900x1600)
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I'm gonna get myself a chicken next month and name her Yukari.
File: 53280512_p21.png (212 KB, 494x645)
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the brotagonist
i was just playing persona 4 and i think i dealt the most amount of damage i've ever done in a single hit, with dragon hustle, marakunda, and mind charge, yukiko did 2.9k damage to an enemy with burning petals. the enemy was not weak to fire and yukiko is only level 79 for me, so i think this can be even more. what is the theoretical maximum for damage dealt with a single move? galactic punt crit doesn't count. my guess would be megidolaon with 99 magic + mind charge + attack boost + defense lower on the magatsu inaba hand (takes 350% damage from almighty and has 1 endurance)? or maybe an enemy weak to physical with the same setup but 99 str and a primal force crit?
File: image.jpg (1.39 MB, 4032x3024)
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1.39 MB JPG
One down.
i am going to do an Arsene only run
It's a lot lot easier to do in royal
i don't have a playstation
i have just cleared the first dungeon
the boss fight was not that challenging, the hard part was fighting the three beriths that come as a regular enemy because i didn't have access to bufu. luckily dream needle and dormina made it a bit easier but ann died twice over the course of the dungeon and both times it was against three beriths. i also made a mistake and forgot to get pyro jack so i was forced to fuse my level 5 arsene. i repurchased him from the registry but he was only level 1, so i was set behind a little bit.
why don't the non-ambusuh turn orders go based on agility order in persona 5 like the rest of the games? it's a bit annoying that the enemy gets to take two turns so quickly even though i have way higher agility than them
i died two times from two nues in madarame's palace and now i'm annoyed. both times ann missed agi on either of them and also both times i was crit with skull cracker and then maeiha twice. i will continue tomorrow because i am too frustrated to play more today. very bogus.
i beat the second dungeon today and i remember it being harder from an earlier playthrough but i didn't remember why so overprepared, but i'm glad i did. i cheated a bit and looked at the wiki and found out i can get the apt pupil skill card from mementos so i'm gonna rush for the sun confidant until it lets me barter for rare items more and then grind mementos until i get it.
i also leveled strength up to 3 to lockdown arsene (obviously while i'm not fighting) to learn resistance skills hoping to help with the double weakness but so far he has only learned dodge fire and dodge elec, both of which i don't really care about. arsenes stats also suck major ass, and i can't remember when i unlock gallows, so i think the next dungeon is going to be harder than i remember it being.
i love haru
typically i remember the bank dungeon being one of the easiest parts of the game, but this time it was quite hard. i ended up almost losing at the many orobas fight and had to use every healing and reviving item in my inventory. but luckily the dodge fire i got was way more useful than expected against the boss because i dodged the missile barrage skill or whatever it's called every time he used it. talk about luck! the minibosses were harder than the actual boss and some of the mobs were harder too. just finished it though and i will tackle the next one in a few days. i am not enjoying this arsene only run very much so far. hopefully things will change when i get the sun confidant to rank 5, and if not then then electric chair or gallows. but right now i am way worse than the other party members, except for enemies weak to curse or one problematic demon that i use sukunda on and hope for the best. i am hoping to get sun to rank 5 and get some skill cards (especially apt pupil) from mementos before the next dungeon or else i think i will be in serious trouble. i think the game will truly be unlocked for this challenge run when i get the electric chair but i don't remember when that is. i think i will use some of the next 13 days of bank palace downtime to grind for skill cards in mementos. it will suck but it seems necessary.
Boy do I have some good news for you
i saw the good news
File: 42622.png (242 KB, 500x507)
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242 KB PNG
dunno anything about the series other than the boys are very cute
i unlocked gallows fusion and ended up spending over 120k on gallows fusions, the strength confidants, the maid service, laundry, and equipment for my party. i have next to no money now. i also wasn't able to get apt pupil because i accidentally ranked up ryuji's confidant to 8 and now every time i ambush them they just die, which is really too bad. i am about to start the pyramid dungeon, but i got mediarama from some part of the death confidant and i got rakunda from one of the gallows fusion personas i sacrificed, so i am at least useful for offense and defense now which is nice. hoping to get some decent skill cards during this dungeon so i can be a viable attacker rather than almost purely support.
i got a pretty good haul so far from the pyramid dungeon and i have only got to the first safe room. i get megido, negative pile, and zionga, which i am pretty happy about. good loadout for where i am in the game, plus i prioritized strength and magic during gallows fusion and i actually ended up having the second higher magic in my party, with only ann beating me in that regard, but i am tied for the highest strength. unfortunately my endurance and luck suck ass so my hama skill which i got a while ago is basically a dummy skill because i have only hit it once out of a total of eleven times hitting it, and i have only ever used it against bless weak targets. i'll probably get rid of hama first if i get a new skill card i like during this dungeon.
i finished the pyramid dungeon. it wasn't too bad. that boss fight is kind of a gimmick though so it wasn't really a testament to my party or my skills or anything like that. the hardest parts were the fights with anubis, but thankfully he never targeted me personally with hamaon and i have an equipment with low dodge bless. i did dodge one of his bless attacks once so that's great. thinking about it now, i spent the next like 10 in-game weeks just doing social links so i should have put arsene back in the velvet room to hope to get dodge bless but i fucked up and forgot about it. oh well. i know the next dungeon is fucking terrible and i remember considering dropping the game on my first playthrough because i hated it so much. i think if you have to time unskippable cutscenes and animations around an ingame timer that is a design flaw. but i will get through it regardless and then have the casino dungeon to look forward to, i remember that one being very fun. i also got rid of hama and replaced it with one of the stone of scone abilities after i used it in gallows fusion but i forget which of the mid tier single target magic skills i got. i think it was agilao but i can't remember. doesn't matter really. i have megido, sukunda, rakunda, and mediarama, and that's basically all i use. hopefully i will get some new skill cards next dungeon. i'd really like to get a damaging bless skill.
oops i meant to say the next 10 in-game days not weeks. that being said i did manage to improve on a lot of social links prioritizing my party members because i don't have too much need for the others. i also worked out at the gym a lot in the game and used moist protein whenever i could. i have i think over 100 more max HP than the next highest person and over 50 more SP than the next highest person, which is great news because arsenes endurance still sucks major ass and has weaknesses to ice and bless. in my other playthroughs i remember not caring about the star confidant but it has proved to be very useful so far and i think i will prioritize it again when persona 5 royal comes out on pc. also i think i will try to get hanged man confidant up for when haru joins the party because i know she is very good with guns and also that is another confidant i never bothered with. also i unlocked electric chair and i was able to convert one of the treasure demons, i forget its name, into an accessory which gives me endurance and reduce physical damage which really helps with my crap endurance. now that i have gallows fusion and electric chair the run has become much more interesting. i also discovered a mod that lets you get stat boosts from the devil confidant which sounded cool since it's like persona 4 golden shuffle times, but i don't think i'll use it. maybe some other time.
i finished the spaceport dungeon and it was just as annoying as i remember it being. not that they don't give you plenty of time to reach the boss fight and to complete it, but i think having a countdown timer still run while unskippable time consuming animations play is inherently bad design, but again that's just me and nobody asked me for my opinion. it actually took me two tries to beat the boss fight because my emulator crashed before i was able to save after beating it. i was very pissed off, but it was easier the second time around because i used party members to better exploit enemy weaknesses. anyways, i have a lot of time left so i am going to finish maxing out emperor confidant and start hermit. i ended up getting a great deal of money during this dungeon and left with about 400k, which i'm pretty happy about. i am looking forward to the next dungeon quite a bit, i remember it being one of the most fun parts of the game.
i was on a roll and got pretty far in the casino dungeon, but then i died to evil smile and ghastly wail from some asshole despite my resist rage armor and lost all my progress. then i realized i didn't save since it lets you voluntarily enter the dungeon so i lost an annoying amount of progress. i got frustrated and didn't want to play anymore today. the one fucking time i don't save every since chance i get, this happens. i guess i gambled and lost. i fucking hate casinos.
resist fear armor, not resist rage***
i completely forgot about down shot which made the second attempt much easier. and then the emulator crashed again right as i got to the second part of the house of darkness before i got a chance to save. this is really starting to piss me off.
emulator crashed again but by this time i am used to it. luckily i was able to secure the treasure route and grind some levels until my sp ran out. now i have lots of time to rank up confidants and do mementos requests which is great. i have also become paranoid and i save every chance i get and even inconvenience myself just to save more often. also during some down time before the casino dungeon, i was able to rank strength confidant up to 8 and i was lucky enough to get null bless. i was going to attach a picture of my arsene skill list and stats to this post but he is in isolation again and i am hoping i will get null ice or at least evade ice. the gist is that his agility and magic are very high, his strength is pretty average, but his luck and his endurance are crap. i know i can manipulate this with gallows fusion but i keep forgetting to do it most times, and it costs a fair bit of money. i basically just do it whenever i remember. my next goal is to get megidola to replace megido.
man i love that boss fight, it is so much fun, it completely made up for all the crashing and me dying during that one part. i was able to get null ice from the isolation in the velvet room so now my arsene has no weaknesses and resists curse, at the cost of 2 skill slots, but i think that's fine. i was also able to get kougaon and megidola. my goal for end game build is going to be eigaon, kougaon, megidolaon, null/drain ice, null/drain bless (i don't even know if drain bless exists), marakunda, mediarahan, and i haven't decided on the last skill yet. maybe debilitate, brave blade, or tetraja. still up in the air though. unshaken will might be nice too.
secured the path to the treasure of the boat dungeon. i never did this before but smokescreens make the rat parts much easier. the only infiltration tools i ever made before were lock picks and goho-ms like once before i realized they were almost useless. smokescreens were really great this dungeon during the parts you are forced to turn into a rat and can't clear the shadows out. no hiccups really so far and surprisingly my emulator didn't crash at all this dungeon. i'm just going to grind for a bit and then send the calling card.
i made a judgement error thinking that snipe would affect the damage dealt by regular gun attacks because i didn't read the skill description properly so i expected haru to be much stronger than she actually is. she is still pretty strong but i was wondering why she was not dealing significantly more damage with her grenade launcher compared to anybody else's regular attack, turns out it's because my reading comprehension is poor. that being said, her gun skills kick ass, even triple down does a decent amount of damage. i think i'll forego the psy boost and amp in favour of gun amp stuff this playthrough. sounds fun because i haven't done that before.

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