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File: X8953lp.jpg (83 KB, 750x1000)
83 KB
Don't forget Anons,

Bitcoin is Freedom!
Only psychopaths pay in Bitcoin in the hopes that their purchase and resulting deviancy will remain forever stained on the blockchain.
>keeps every single transaction public
heh.....nothing personnel kid
Muh freedoms
File: tubman 20.jpg (515 KB, 1800x1200)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
It would be...
if every transaction wasn't a public record,
if you could buy essential goods with it, pay your bills with it etc,
if the value wasn't so volatile.

Right now it's kind of the opposite of freedom imo. Greenbacks are way more free.
Why wouldn't you share everything with others?

Let me guess, you have an elaborate network of friends all of which do not know one another because you never planned on introducing them all and you own a cat.

How unique.
Cryptocurrency is very good investment

No freedom allowed for OP.
You will be a slave like everyone else
True enough anon.
Fiat is a scam
What is Bitcoin?
I use it as a savings account on my lightning node. I like self sovereign money and ownship. I can buy things without asking Visa or my bank to do so. I wish more people used it rather then just see it like a stock
How did you pay for your VIP pass?
Pass gate website extra 5 dollars
Bitcoin is doing poorly lately, let's hope it recovers soon
Okay, but now that the crypto bubble is starting to burst, will Moot 2.0 finally let me pay for a pass with my debit card?

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