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In this thread I would like to document my ambitions and accomplishments. I would like to hold myself accountable for the goals I set for myself and work hard to reach them. I want to be representative for a new generation of young men who decide their own fate and bend the world to their will. I invite everyone to contribute and make a better person out of yourself. To set the right mood I would like to share a piece of text that resonated very much with me that we can use a fuel for our ambition and as our motto:

I am strong and powerful. I am the strongest man in the universe. I have all the strength I need inside of me, right now. I destroy anything that gets in my way. I stand up for myself and the ones I love. I am the master of my mind. I am a winner and I believe in myself. I rule over my actions and my thoughts at all times. I am a King in this universe. I conquer all that stands in my way. I always embody excellence. I am proud of myself and the man I am. I have a powerful confidence within me. I am magnificent. I am always getting better. I am a master of life.
I am the chosen one.
Everything I do is a success. I am a hero. I always win. I am infinite glory. I conquer my inner demons. I am in control of my thoughts and actions. My true nature is uttermost excellence. I am limitless in my actions. I walk the streets with confidence and power. Others look at me for strength of character. I am confident, strong and powerful. I am worthy of success. I am disciplined in all that I do. I value myself to the highest degree. Self-confidence is what I thrive on. I write my own story. I am motivated beyond belief. I am capable of anything I set my mind to.
I am unstoppable.
fucking baaaaased
It's very late now and I'm getting dizzy so I'll go to bed. I managed to do a bit for university and my current plan is working through the book "The Linux Command Line", which seems to contain a lot of information I consider valuable. Right now I am on chapter 4. I will try to work through it one chapter per day from now on. Hopefully I can get to the other things I planned soon (like reading the bible).
stop being cringe quiz
Nothing cringe about doing your best and walking forward. You do not gain anything from laughing at people who dedicate themselves to improving their lives, except coping with your own lack of ambition and accomplishments.
"Let him that would move the world first move himself."

Did you clean up your room today?
I have not managed to get nearly as much done as I want. Only finished chapter 6 yesterday and I'm still under huge pressure from university. Marriage and baby arrangements are also taking up a fair amount of time. But I'm trying to step it up and waste less time. At least there is an improvement, I just have to build on this day by day. Let's go!
Didn't read lol

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