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How important is 4chan.org to you, anon ?
File: 1632906603550.webm (1.3 MB, 640x720)
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File: momo.png (527 KB, 1031x582)
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not at all since the death of /qa/
File: 1637558349646.png (819 KB, 822x1000)
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819 KB PNG
/qa/ anons don't deserve to love anyway
It's my home on the internet
File: 1621779500131.png (341 KB, 751x555)
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>qa/ anons don't deserve to love anyway
File: b81.png (256 KB, 474x377)
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256 KB PNG
It's my everything. I started browsing when I was 13 and it was so fucking cool. When I was 15 some discord trannies lured me off 4chan and into twitter, BAD IDEA. Ever since I left 4chan my online life turned to shit. When I was 18 I finally broke free of the tranny cult and started using 4chan regularly again. Two years later and my online life has never been more fun!! This is the only real place online you can actually be yourself, I never understood how important that was until it was taken.
Based anon
it's the only place i really feel i can speak freely. the fact that it's a part of the standard culture to call each other faggots and intentionally be argumentative and combative is a huge reason why i'm comfortable here.
i'm an extremely antagonistic person. i get bans elsewhere. here it's just a part of the flow.
>i'm an extremely antagonistic person. i get bans elsewhere. here it's just a part of the flow.
I feel that. Another thing I love about 4chan is there's zero drama. You can't piss people off, embarrass yourself, etc, because nobody has an identity here. We're all just this inscrutable blob of consciousness. It's wonderful.

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