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I got a warning from a /biz/ mod because I posted a thread asking whether homelessness is preferable to wagecucking (with pic related as the image), and the warning said that was "Off topic".

How is that off-topic?

The jannies are becoming out of control with what they view as off-topic. I've had this happen to me on /pol/ as well when i posted a thread asking how white nationalists should dress.

Please get this taken care of. I didn't buy a 4chan pass for this shit. I thought 4chan was still a place where you could post clearly on-topic or even topic-adjacent posts without being harassed by power-mad jannies.
>how is that off-topic?
It's off-topic.
One banned me for child porn because they didn’t like what I had to say about trannies
It is unironically a coin toss, depending on how much hrt the jannies are taking. I post a shitload of bait threads asking for a ban and nothing happens. Then I post a random on topic thread and get a 3 day global ban. Jannies are colossal faggots on a power trip, simple as
Yes. Being homeless is preferable to being a faggot wagie. Wagies are disgusting cattle.
bumping this gem
>How is that off-topic?
/biz/ is just /coin/ now
/biz/ is the shittiest and most spam-heavy board on this site right now. The mods and jannies have either given up, or are part of the spamming. It's completely worthless at this point and should be nuked.
These filters help a lot by the way. Makes the place semi-usable again, but you'll quickly see that roughly 80% of the board is spam: https://ghostbin.com/XhgU8/

pw = indiaispakistan
New version: https://ghostbin.com/F5Y8f/ these spamfaggots are absolutely relentless.
Was going to post a rewritten version with more precise / less greedy captures, but am now realizing that some jeetspammers have seen these posts and are beginning to use different phrasing. Never sharing my filters again. Jesus Christ.

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