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I bought it on Opera and works fine on there, bought doesn't show up on Chrome and don't want it to count as another device.
>is the pass per device or browser?
Neither one.
Your pass is linked to an account and is only restricted to IP addresses. By logging in it saves a cookie to your browser with your account details and lets you post with pass privileges.
It's by IP so you can use it on your laptop at work and at home.
I would advise against using it on your phone because you will keep on getting pass errors due to the IP constantly changing
File: nagatoro is italian.png (1.58 MB, 1588x2256)
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1.58 MB PNG
File: 1622840855095.jpg (239 KB, 874x853)
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So can you not use it in private mode?
You can use it in private but you'll have to log in each time you open the browser.
I thought you just needed to not share the PIN and code? You have to supply an email to get it.
If tyou look under the hood, it's submitted with every post via a cookie.
But there's a little timer for ten minutes associated the the IP of the last post. Prevents abuse where someone buys a pass and hands it around.
So you can't, say, post from your phone in your car and then again from your computer. Different IPs. Just gotta wait a few minutes.
what race is this qt? can't tell if she's a tan jap, indian, or itallian
File: naga thighs.jpg (480 KB, 3029x2940)
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i spread awareness on /a/, /pol/, /fit/, /b/, /s4s/ and /v/ about how she is italian (south). any idiot can figure it out

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