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Is there any recourse against the /ck/ jannies for always globally banning me even for the smallest things? I'll make a single post that they're annoyed with and they'll report it for spamming/flooding because other people have made similar posts in the past. Honestly makes me not wanna renew my 4chan pass
Janitors can't ban.
You realize someone might be reporting your posts. You even admit to being spammy, so report worthy. It's the /ck/ community that needs to relax, not Mods or Jannies.

Mods don't generally lurk on boards to find offending posts; Mods wait until it is reported, then take action (as they will only see the thread once it's been reported).

Sure, I guess a Mod might see an offending post while browsing and take action, but that kind of scenario is rare.
There's ultimately an asshurt mod who polices the /ck/ community. I don't have the same problem making retarded posts on larger boards even if they're reported
Why do people never link their posts when they ask this question?
I'm just going to assume you're either the hot sauce poster or the "not my problem" poster. If so, congrats: you're actually more boring than anons sharing recipes.
Apply yourself in the future, and maybe it won't be seen as thoughtless reposts.
No I posted a single thread about dumping grease down your drain. I rarely go on the board so I have no idea how much it's posted
And no, posting a popular meme isn't "flooding".
/ck/ needs to ban fast food discussion

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