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File: 1606587413770.png (129 KB, 344x342)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Can mods make an interracial board or fucking something?
I've tried every filter possible and am so fucking sick of /b/ /gif/ and /pol/ being infested with it.

It wasn't like this before and now it's unavoidable. I CANT FUCKING FILTER IT.
File: file.png (23 KB, 333x600)
23 KB
Fucking I even made an AI to get rid of it and currently it's at a point where I have to manually fucking tag each race of person in tons of training data. I don't want to fucking do that.
but why are your jimmies so rustled?
Cause I just want to use /b/ and /gif/ without being berated by white women being gangbanged by nogs?
Yeah it's pretty aids I don't see japanese men gangbanging black chicks in every thread?
It's clearly a thing people are into or it's being spammed.
Regardless I don't care, because as opposed to every other weird thing I can filter them and avoid their threads but this seeps into every fucking thread.
>It's clearly a thing people are into or it's being spammed.
It's both, in a positive feedback loop. People spam it because even if you're not particularly triggered by it, it is assumed to trigger 4chan's demographics like no other. Then legitimate fetishists find themselves in good company and are basically given their kink on a silver platter, with plenty of troll/ironic LARP that they enjoy unironically. It's been a thing on /b/ for god knows how long with tons of fetishes, always getting more obnoxious over time.
It's kind of like how /qa/ has anons that unironically enjoy making threads dedicated to repost wojak battles. Some do it because the know it is grating, some do it because they generally find reposting wojaks to be like a game of cards, and there's probably a bunch of overlap.

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