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/vip/ - Very Important Posts

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08/21/20New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/
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File: tripcode.png (22 KB, 348x511)
22 KB
To try and increase the number of /vip/ posters who use tripcodes to post on 4chan, here is the guide straight from 4chan's FAQ.

The FAQ explains everything from tripcodes to sage and even how to hide text as spoiler information and much more. As a /vip/ contributor, it is your duty to familiarise yourself with 4chan's inner workings and make use of all the cool features Moot implemented on the website.

Stop being a confused newbie and use 4chan like a pro.

File: sage.png (8 KB, 416x192)
8 KB
"sage" - a way of passively making your comment not contribute to the 'bump count' of a thread when put in the options field of a post ('bump count' being how visible your post is on 4chan).

This means your comment doesn't bump an image or thread to the top of a board. Try it out in /VIP/ on threads about to die, and you'll see they won't jump to the top of /VIP/.

This way, you can contribute to a thread without others seeing the thread. This, in theory, means you can tactically sage threads to keep a conversation going between a couple of people without outsiders derailing your conversation with nonsensical posts.
File: delete.png (56 KB, 649x502)
56 KB
Post Deletion: make a mistake on your post; delete it and repost it again!

The way 4chan(nel) does it is setting a cookie in your browser unique to your post.

By clicking on the checkmark next to the subject line or name used (usually Anonymous), you select a post for deletion.

Scroll to the bottom of the page with a post selected and delete it! You can select to delete a file only, keeping the text or to delete the post entirely.
File: selecting a post.png (40 KB, 651x250)
40 KB
See the image for where to tick and what to press to delete a post.

Note: The cookie created with your post expires, meaning you only have a given window to delete your post. Closing your browser, for example, might delete the cookie and result in you losing the ability to delete a post you made.
autist elderfag here: do not use a name or tripcode or you will be fucked to death in your sleep
You're paranoid schizophrenic from spending too much time on /b/.

4chan isn't some scary website where the boogieman is going to get you. It's probably one of the best resources on the internet, and using 4chan to its fullest is what I'm going to promote in this thread.
File: 4chan IRC.png (20 KB, 519x358)
20 KB
Internet Relay Chat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat) is how you can get in contact with mods and other 4chan browsers securely and safely in real-time. There are rules to using 4chan's IRC, so read them and stick to them. Fools are not favoured in 4chan's IRC, and you'll get banned pretty quickly if you break any of the rules.

Rules: https://www.4channel.org/rules#irc

To participate, you'll need:
* A unique name
* A working email address
File: Rizon Start page.png (30 KB, 977x821)
30 KB
First, go to https://rizon.net/chat

This opens up the IRC client that 4chan uses.

Next, pick a unique Nickname that you will always use when on the IRC, as this will be your "account" as sorts.

Then in the box where it says Channels, you'll need to change the channel from #Rizon to #4chan.

The next bit is tricky, so don't get disheartened if you run into problems with the next steps.

If you have done everything correctly, you should press "Connect", and it'll start the connection to 4chan's IRC.
If you see image-related anywhere in the wall of text you will see on the IRC, then the nickname you chose has already been taken. This means that someone already has your Nickname, and you'll have to reload https://rizon.net/chat and choose a different Nickname.

Once you have saved your Nickname with a password, you'll see the same message and have to type "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY" then your password to log on.

If you do not see image-related, you're good to register your Nickname with a secure password and email address!

To register your Nickname, follow the steps on the following webpage: https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=4chan_Ban

After following the wiki steps, you should be sent an email to the email account you provided. This will give you a slash command that you need to type to finalize your Nickname registration.

Remember your nickname and your password. You'll need to use the Nickname you registered under, and every time you log onto the IRC, you'll need to type "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY" then your password to log on. So it will look like >/msg NickServ IDENTIFY 12345
File: adiirc sasl.png (7 KB, 276x321)
7 KB
If your chosen nickname is already registered but currently not in use, you can change it with /nick new_nick without doing the whole network registration again.
Once you have registered, you can pick "Identify to NickServ" on the connect page. This is recommended if you want to automatically join channels like #4chan that require registered nicknames. Proper IRC clients have similar options.
The mods have summarized the whole process in the /qa/ sticky as well: >>>/qa/1690512
Thank you for contributing!

Mods did a better job explaining how to connect than I ever could, but it's an important part of 4chan to know!

Any suggestions on what I should cover next in this thread?
File: Bump limit.png (25 KB, 554x274)
25 KB
The bump limit is implemented on all boards and dictates how long a user can bump a thread to the board's front.

This means that after a certain number of posts, a thread will be archived automatically.

In /vip/, a couple of reoccurring posts are continuously bumped to the front of the board , Kpop being one of them. Eventually, these threads will reach their bump limit and progress down the board until it is archived. Usually, when the bump limit is reached, a new thread is created.

Using "sage" in the options field means a post does not count towards the bump count, so it does not bump the thread to the front of the board and could mean you keep your thread alive longer by not bringing attention to it.
Sage no longer works the same way as it used to on /vip/.

Writing in "sage" in the options field no longer stops you from bumping a thread, and now regardless of what you post, it will bump the thread.
thanks for all your hard work
File: 1488117275512.gif (1.38 MB, 845x784)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
I don't want to know how few people actually post here
Appreciate the effort here. Thanks.
this is great
File: Feedback.png (18 KB, 516x538)
18 KB
Ever been so mad at a moderator or janitor that you've made a post about it.

Again, it is infrequent for a moderator or janitor to find your post and comment.

Maybe you've got a revolutionary new way to do something on 4chan(nel) or want your voice heard by higher-ups.

Feedback is where you should address your comments/concerns (see pick related for the type of content feedback addresses).

It will have a greater impact than making a thread about it:
OP is a faggot and sucks cock

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