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>he bought a 4chan pass
>what a cuck

How do I cope with this without sounding mad?
If you use mobile and have a bad habit of walking into IP banned area's like me then you're not crazy.
This. Not everyone has the luxury of good internet, and some buttheads ruin IP ranges near their block/apartment with shitposting.

Welcome to a way of mitigating this problem.
just call them poorfag, sour grapes, etc

be real smug about it. once they start posting wojaks or mspaint comics you know you've won.
Gotta pay to use a VPN
hiroshimoot can have my info but not Googleâ„¢
I trust Google with all my data. I'm hoping they'll improve my ad sense and actually suggest things I'm interested in. So far it's only been gambling adverts so they are doing a poor job of it...
Depends why you bought it. If it's because you want to post from a VPN or something then just ignore them because they're dumb. Actually just ignore them even when that isn't the case because replying to bait ruins threads

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