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File: rare_pepe.jpg (868 KB, 900x893)
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heeeeeyyyy /vip/, /biz/tard here, got banned posting an "off-topic" reply on an "off-topic" thread, nice logic you fuckin jannies
either way, made some money, bought a pass with crypto, struggling to make it this bullrun currently but all good, feel free to ask shit if you like
just have a small story to share, maybe the chick i'm talking about will know who she is
i never used 4chan, i only knew of it, also kekd at the "4chan hacker", some /pol/ related videos & internet historian memes, good shit
but like i said, generally never used this, only joined in these last months because i needed /biz/ to have an edge over the crypto market, most of the board is garbage, but weaponised autism is no joke
but soon after i lurked and posted here and there, i finally saw it, the "kek", "top kek", shit actually gave me flashbacks
this bitch i knew irl used to say these words, "top kek", i asked her what does it mean? its just like "lol or lul", well why dont you use those? she said it just sounds more fun kek
only years later now i'm realizing this chick was a 4channer, fucking hell, this seriously explains a lot
this bitch has some serious depression issues, low-esteem kind of issues, which really fits the board's "tits with timestamp or gtfo" mentality
i get why, but im guessing as a woman you need to swallow the red pill to browse this place, this bitch obviously didnt
she was the most manipulative bitch i have ever known, its unreal, i wasnt interested in getting together with her, but after some chatting and shit she grew on me, and ngl i also wanted some ass, but once it was clear i liked her shit just became so odd, how do you suck someones finger off and then when they ask you later "so we're together now right?" she says no im not really looking for a relationship, im like huh alright, then days after even a kiss in public gets me a "wtf" reaction like what the fuck
the worst thing is that at some point i realized this bitch was only receiving and never giving, you know when you do small-time favors for someone that you really dont mind, but at some point when you're asking them for one they just dont give back, it really took me months to notice and i hate myself for it
anyways, just a pointless story, clearly broke up with the bitch, she's still a doomer making someone elses life miserable probably, bottom line is stay happy faggots, this bitch had a grim outlook on life and will probably die as an unhappy mediocre nobody, dont be that, do more things you love

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