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File: bigcash.jpg (47 KB, 886x886)
47 KB
I'm getting into DeFi and I'm probably going to use a decentralized exchange like DDX (derivadex.com). Any other services you like?
I'm not. I made about 20k in BTC several years ago and that was enough. Sure, I could have made 60k but I'm comfortable. Bitcoin's price is completely irrational. That's not to say you can't still make money on it but it isn't a safe investment. Same goes for all crypto. They are all basically the same and there's no reason for the huge disparity in their value. Will BTC one day be worth 50k? 100k? Possibly. It could also be at 1k in 6 months and back up to 20k this time next year. I have plenty in stocks. I don't need to ride this roller coaster.
How about the rare commodity theory and therefore has a much higher value than any of the other coin with larger supply or inflationary economics? I would recommend checking out some of the latest DeFi offerings that are backed by actually useful products. Their coins behave more like equities (even though not quite the same).
Come trade some DeFI derivates anons www.derivadex.com

Also read about why it's important: https://medium.com/derivadex/introducing-derivadex-a-next-generation-decentralized-exchange-for-derivatives-62cc0ab8ee7d
Take the poo to the loo, Pajeet.
File: bssa2.jpg (101 KB, 1548x885)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Looks like we have another salty pajeet poojecting on others. Get some coin and move out of the filth slumdog.
There should be coin trading happening soon. https://forum.derivadex.com/t/lift-the-governance-cliff/35
File: 1609915859872s.jpg (10 KB, 250x140)
10 KB
your brain on DDX.
show us your losses today, cryptobros
I'm a nocoiner who lives vicariously through the anons on /biz/
buying now is the equivalent of buying Google or Apple shares decades ago.
protip: buy bitcoins dip always, ridiculously long it, and shut the fuck up
File: 55123.png (150 KB, 532x336)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Wise move fren + add some DDX to that
File: 1614237987904.jpg (368 KB, 800x1063)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
go to bed aditya

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