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File: nox.jpg (194 KB, 800x1013)
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Underrated games thread. I'll start.
File: the vagrant.jpg (122 KB, 460x215)
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bumping this gem
Played the hell out of this as a kid. And it even has co-op multiplayer
Is that game really underrated? Most of the ultima games are well respected and loved by critics and fans.
File: rogue legacy.jpg (69 KB, 738x600)
69 KB
It's a grind fest but so satisfying when you progress.
Regular Ultima games, yes. This one is different from the mainline Ultima series, it's a bit less hardcore and more tongue in cheek. I'll never forget reading one review of it by a hardcore Ultima fan, with his utter bewilderment that there was a PIE FACTORY in the Great Stygian Abyss (the final boss level).
Anyway, it never got any kind of press in Nintendo Power, and who would have given it a second glance when it was on the shelf next to 6 Golden Coins, Kirby's Dream Land, etc.
What makes it so great?
>The year is 1994
>The only consoles your family have are an Atari 2600 and a Game Boy
>Link's Awakening is literally the only game in town for the overworld + dungeon gameplay experience
>Along comes Runes of Virtue 2
>Many more hours of adventuring fun
If you're asking what might make it a great game today, that isn't how I chose to interpret OP
>If you're asking what might make it a great game today, that isn't how I chose to interpret OP
Well thanks for letting us know it's actually rated correctly so none of us would download and try it.

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