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08/21/20New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/
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File: tegaki.png (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB

I RESPECT YOU MODS :) BUT PLEASE DONT BE TOO ITCHY :) Its the second time I buy passes :)

With all of my respect to the mods removing CP and sheeit. I believe that we 4channers are allowed to have fun on the internet even if it steps on the rules,

I respect your work mods, and jannies please be nice like 2008 :)

I mean I guess I posted a few off topic threads but my point is whats the point of 4chan without shitposting no need to be too strict put yourself in the 4channel sues :)

I love this website its the last true bit of the internet but it slowly degrading I miss the old 4chan please I know it might result in my ban and its ok but please guys be chill like you used to be

allow fun to be made here dont be like reddit and twitter I mean this is 4chan we have fun here dont forget why we all love this place. Please be more free

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