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>be reading a magazine
>it has a picture of MGS 3 Big Boss in an environment similar to the VR missions from MGS 2: Substance
>shocking truth realization "but MGS 3 is not MGS 2"
>maybe this was in MGS 3: Subsistence
>suddenly I'm actually playing it
>it looks similar to the VR of Substance but everything looks more grainy and has more of a greyscale/aquamarine tint to it
>I pick up akimbo Vz. 61 Skorpions
>blast my way through the level with overwhelming firepower
>separate game mode where you can look at a super high poly and high resolution textured model of what looked like grown up Sunny from MGR complete with boob physics kinda like that mode in MGS 1 where you can look at high poly models of Naomi and Mei Ling
and then I woke up.
Do you ever dream of video game shit like being in one or something? I thought of making this thread at around 6 AM while still half asleep in bed right after waking up from one and then forgot all about it until it hit me and I just half remembered it, it's not the first time either
File: 1657659576473.gif (1.94 MB, 400x454)
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1.94 MB GIF
I saw recently a dream where I with a bunch of people arrived at Selia town of sorcery which looked like something from Resident Evil 7-8 mashed with Souls and Elden Ring.
And we were investigating Manor House where crystal snail snakes were appearing from everywhere. I was showing off and trying to take a role of guide or something, rolling around with some curved sword speedkilling those snakes, since it felt like people that came with me were kinda different kind of persons away from arcane knowledge or something.
I once dreamt of playing the perfect open world ninja game, but I woke up because I realized that a game this perfect shouldn't exist.
I wish I was a more optimistic person and played the fuck out of that dream game...
I had a MGS dream recently, it was top down MGS1 style but with a simple low poly outdoor environment that looked tile-based. You control mgs1 snake trying to outrun a flood that's taking over this forested creek area as the water chases snake screen by screen (the water had really simple ps2-style water physics where you can see each polygon) but as the water takes over each area the areas just start repeating, then you start to notice the water has slowly slipped away and you see your past snake running away from you with the exact same movements you ran away from the water with.

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