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Source: insider I've known online for years, gave me info on the Spider-Man PS4 game and Square Enix's Avenger's (which I won't be sharing quite yet ;P). Think he either works at Marvel Games or has close connections to them.

Anyways, let's cut to the leaks:
- Marvel is currently working on Daredevil singleplayer narrative-focused game set to release on next-gen consoles in late 2021 or 2022. Current target platforms are PC, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and definitely not Switch.
- Game will be open world modern-day Chicago, and to offer a very dark noir-style detective game all focused on melee combat. Combat apparently similar to Arkham and Mad Max, but with some extra cooldown based abilities that are customizable through a skill tree.
- There will be an echolocation type mode to activate similar to Arkham Batman's Detective Mode that during combat will allow for slow motion, and while roaming offers highlighted hints for clues relating to your current mission or open-world available side missions.
- I couldn't get too many details on the story, but the villain is apparently an older, yet new to the game, Bullseye. Meanwhile, it seems Daredevil has been at this for quite some time now.
- The map size was compared roughly to the size of a whopping 65mi2, taking full advantage of the next-gen SSD and other hardware capabilities.
- It seems however that free roam is only allowed at night, and barely any missions will take place in the day. Similar to Spider-Man PS4, depending on where you are in the story, the open world is at a set weather/time effect.

Bonus leak:
- Early early development has begun on a Marvel's Wolverine title, but unlike Marve's Daredevil, it will not be an open-world game and will instead be more 'God of War PS4'-esque. Wouldn't expect a release for like 2~3 years though.
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Marve's Spider-Man for PS4 was just set in New York (like the Netflix series), but that's why they're choosing a different more unique setting this time around.

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