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So watched the 4th one today and gotta say it was the weakest in the series.
It wasn't bad, but just wasn't as good as the previous ones which i really liked.
Plus the ending was kinda lame.
Seems like keanu just can't catch a break with doing a 4th movie in a movie series, since matrix was exactly the same case. 3 great ones, 4th one absolute trash.
How would YOU have ended it? To me, I'm not sure what you do with John beyond kill him at the end of this one.

The Marquis was right when he described Wick as "a ghost looking for a graveyard." John's wife was long dead. He'd pretty much gotten revenge and done work, good or bad, for anyone who was a friend or an enemy. In his last act, he saves Caine, restores Winston, and rids the underworld of the Marquis. He dies, and he dies a free man, with no obligations to anyone in life or death.

I don't know what else you do with him after the four movies we got. I really hope they don't come up with some lame way of bringing him back to life, because I think he ended perfectly.
This isn't the kind of movie series where you go for the heavy and meaningful themes like for example in Joker, it's supposed to be a fun and thrilling theme ride, so the logical solution would be john wiping out the high table and then walking off into a sunset ready to retire for real and find a new gf possibly.
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>3 great ones
Yes 3 great ones.
The low iq brainles will claim first one was best but thats the low iq take.
Best matrix was the second one, then the 1st one and then the 3rd one, but they were all great. Even the 3rd one with the battle against he bots.
Sadly while the first 3 were like 95%+, matrix 4 was like 20% at most
>The low iq brainles will claim first one was best but thats the low iq take.
How come? Every new instance in this franchise kept upping the action sequence counter drastically, to the point that I felt tired of a fucking action movie. 3 and 4 are the worst offenders, but 4 can walk away scot-free because of incendiary rounds scene and returning of "Shots Fired" track.
>kind of movie series where you go for the heavy and meaningful themes like for example in Joker,
My God... I just realized I'm surrounded by legit retards. Sure I had an inkling of belief before, but surely, I thought, they were merely jesting. Now the Truth shines too brightly and have illuminated this bottomless pit of despair with all its horrors which candor finally remains beyond any doubt
i bet you think citizen kane is a good movie you pretentious cunt
it's subjective of course
but to me Reloaded is the comfiest one, the actions sequences are the most fun ones to watch and the overall plot line is simple but fun
which is the reason why while i saw 1 and 3 i think 4 times total, i saw reloaded at least 10 times. 4i saw once and won't watch it again, it ruined the franchise for me.
>noooo the love between neo and trinity turns them into super batteries
the fuck
Its called having standards, u changeling :^)
I'm tarded, sorry anon, my monkey brain saw John Wick poster and thought we were talking about John Wick and not Matrix. I still stand by what I said.
Well since were talking about wick4, funnily enough the exact same numbering applies.
i like all 3, while the 4th is not as garbage as matrix 4 not at all, it's just not as good to me as the previous ones. with 1,2,3 being 95% the 4th would be about 80% to me
matrix 4 is a masterpiece kiddo
set design was nice. good of keanu to put all that effort in at 60 w/e so everyone on tue crew could get a paycheck. story dogshit as usual. liked the overhead sequence with the incendiary shotgun. 2nd one was my favorite from an action standpoint
Like the Matrix, first one was enough.
They keep adding stuff to the sequels because the story was done and the action sequences are so fucking long.
The gun fighting when everyone has bullet proof suits is so boring.

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