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File: Orca-frozen-planet.jpg (1.58 MB, 2434x3000)
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Thank fuck my soul was born into a human body and not into an animal. Imagine how shit life would be being a pengweng or a seal or something being chased by these gentlemen
They never killed a human in recorded history in the wild. Yet we murdered probably over a million over the last few centurys.
No one kills killer whales
Orcas are total cocksmokers
Wolves of the ocean
Fuck those Dolphin pricks
Bring back SeaWorld i say.
Fuck Tillikum and all captive whales.
What would happen if I were to dive into a pod of orcas? Would they recognize me as sentient after a bit and get curious, avoid me because my ancestors probably harpooned one, or ignore me because im not a juicy thicc seal snack?
File: Go ahead and take it.webm (2.37 MB, 640x360)
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Glad those motherfuckers are confined to the Ocean.
Smart fucker. Are there any examples of other animals doing anything like this? I've seen the way orcas hunt and it's unlike anything else in the wild.
The way they coordinate and use tactics is insane. You couldn't coordinate so well with humans without speech.
>What would happen if I were to dive into a pod of orcas?
Depends on the pod. Orca's develop their own unique cultures, and are taught what is and is not considered a food source. The past decade or so has seen a few pods off the coast of Spain and Portugal develop a habit of fucking with sailboats....which almost never happened before. This behavior, however, is fortunately confined to that one area, which demonstrates how individual pods learn and develop their own habits.

Orca usually don't view humans as prey and leave us the fuck alone, but you never know if you'll run into an individual orca that decides to be a trendsetter, especially if it's young and inexperienced or old and injured.

Vid related: young orca that got lost from a pod that lives around the Puget sound. I think he got killed by a boat exactly because he became so desensitized to humans.

>any examples of other animals doing anything like this?
A variety of birds use bait to lure fish close enough to snag. Corvids, especially, are scary fucking smart.
I don't get this argument, these motherfuckers are one of the very few species of living beings that kill for mere fun, how does that make them any better than humans?
tiktaalik hands wrote this post
found the shark virgin

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