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I'm up to somewhere in season 3 with this shit and now they're doing yet another fucking love traingle subplot.

Get the fuck on with it. Goddamn it. Why does every web original show these days feel like it needs a million different things happening all at once? Sure, they pull it off, but its too fucking much. Let me see the damn tournament. I don't give a fuck about whatever beef is keeping up with Johnny and Ali and Miguel's how many times does this show need to shift tone? Why couldn't they make movies instead of this whole mess of love triangle plots

I'm sick of this show. I don't care that it has good actors and if they can write, this pacing is frustrating. Its like there's no pay off. They don't even justify half the fights right its just oh now they're fighting a bunch of shady mechanics in a warehouse for some reason. Fuck.

None of these modern shows know how to focus. Its all about
>muh binge watching

How are the writers not dead after spending all that time writing this entire Sierpenski triangle?
Also what the fuck this stupid main girl bitch at Miyagi-do just straight up cheats on her bf and I'm supposed to just accept it as okay and normal.
I believe the fight with the mechanics was the last episode I watched. Going in circles.

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