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God Edition

File: blowitout.jpg (443 KB, 1280x720)
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It was a fire hazard.
File: 1634162724476.jpg (185 KB, 1134x906)
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To hang out with Shatner in space.
I like this OP more.
Discovery didn't even make it to four seasons.

Meanwhile, We've prepared a song for this. IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME..
Understandable. Have a good evening.
Season 4 is next month.
Its first direct spin-off is in May.
I hate how they fucking turned Star Trek into Marvel. 3 fucking shows all on in the same decade alongside a bunch of movies (which had so many Avengers style cross overs like OMG PICARD AND KIRK HANG OUT???)
still laughing about the """spin off"""
literally just their way of shelving discovery and salvaging what they can from it
Personally. If you ask Paramount should green light star trek ENT Season 5. Just assume time has happen say the events of Season 4 are mostly canon explaining the older crew then pay for 5, 6, 7 more seasons. Romulan war, Early federation problems, NX class being shelved.
>shelving discovery
>season 5 is already in production
What did retard-kun mean by this
Don't forget the temporal cold war destroying any canon that discovery has.
so who'll be captn next?
Star Trek is for trannies
Take these generals to >>>/lgbt/
>say the events of Season 4 are mostly canon
Why would they need to say that, everyone already knows ENT is completely canon.
Freeman will literally be back by the end of S3E1, or S3E2 at the latest.
>>say the events of Season 4 are mostly canon
>Why would they need to say that, everyone already knows ENT is completely canon.
I was talking about the hologram part and trips death.
Is the new pickle trek out already.
File: thesearethevoyages1231.jpg (138 KB, 960x540)
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138 KB JPG
>ENT is completely canon
Yeah Dixon Hill is canon too
>It's not canon because one episode was a hologram which the characters see as completely historical
Yeah whatever tranny.
Gimme a quick rundown on it, I'm not watching that.
File: memes.jpg (259 KB, 692x530)
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259 KB JPG
>omg you're a heckin transgender woman ready to hatch just take these pills!
Fuck off /r/egg_irl
File: 1634197548444.jpg (364 KB, 1920x1080)
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364 KB JPG
Literal ship porn
>tranny redditor whipping out their favorite reddit boards
File: 1615845149773.png (177 KB, 861x877)
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177 KB PNG
The fuck kind of groomer bullshit is that? Get out of here you tranny freak.
>cap'n 3man s supposed to get promoted off the cerritos
>mariner spills it out to the bridgecrew- who aaren't happy, billups cusses a storm
>their mission goes array and they have to save the archimedes by doing wildly dangerous shit after space does a space thing
>mariner&mom bicker but then makeup
>boims almost fucking dies
>rutherford is having visor problems because he has triple backups of all new tendi memries, eventually has to delete them to fucking see anything
>tendi is insecure as always with dr catlady & thinks she's getting kicked off the cerritos
>jen fucking frens with mariner now
>last second they save the archimedes from cratering into new planetoid
>celebration.wav all around even with jen
>le surprise arrest of capt'n hallflife because she is supposedly behind a packled boing that happened while she was doing this mission
>everyone shocked.png
it was dynamic & high stakes, but the ending was sorta not for me
File: thesisko.jpg (48 KB, 475x364)
48 KB

new thread
File: trannies.png (131 KB, 650x619)
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131 KB PNG
Last week’s episode was better.
KYS tranny
File: Trek.png (21 KB, 700x500)
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Wow it's like Kurtzman on steroids. Thank god you'll never have any influence over the franchise.
>if I was
kys ESL scum
SEASON 3 will be its last


Listen for yourself at 43:22, but here's a transcript:

Host: I know, uh, you just wrapped on the third season of Orville. Is there anything you can tell us about it at the moment?

Palicki: No, it's like, it's honestly, it's so secretive considering that it takes seven years for it to come out...to film...and then to actually come out. Like, it's not gonna be out until 2022. And it is our final season.

Host: Oh, wow.

Host: Oh, wow.

Palicki: So...

Host: That's kind of an end of an era.

Palicki: Yeah, I mean I...I'll miss everyone. That was actually...that was definitely a family for sure. We spent so much time together on that ship...that...praise God we loved each other.
>Discovery season 1
>Discovery season 2
>Discovery season 3
>Discovery season 4
>Short Treks season 1
>Short Treks season 2
>Picard season 1
>Picard season 2
>Strange New Worlds season 1
>Opened the doors to Lower Decks and Prodigy (made by different showrunners though)
>Made Star Trek one of the listed reasons for the CBS/Paramount merger, got Star Trek 14 officially in the works

>Mandalorian season 1
>Mandalorian season 2
>Mandalorian season 3
>Book of Boba Fett season 1
>Ahsoka season 1
>Rangers of the New Republic season 1
>Opened the doors to Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Acolyte, and Lando (made by different showrunners though)
>Restored audience's faith in Star Wars after the disaster of a sequel trilogy

>Orville season 1
>Orville season 2
>Orville season 3
>Cancelled unceremoniously with no future.

Kek us DISCOchads win again.
Why are both nuwars and nutrek both spamming dozens of shitty miniseries.
What is each Star Trek about?

TOS- Heroism, action
TAS- Heroism, action
TNG- Social science fiction
DS9- Characters, politics
VOY- Science fiction
ENT- Heroism, feel good
DSC- Heroism, action, feelings
PCD- Action, feelings
LD- Comedy, characters
File: 1580910415051_STDcel.png (307 KB, 1000x854)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
>lololol look mom I posted again
Fans have spoken. It's not Star Trek.
Lasting for 80 seasons won't make it valuable. Or canon.
It's a cold war and each new show is a nuke.
Because content producers either produce content or die, whether the content is watched or not. It’s the Netflix model.
dude looks like a normal map
>STD- black woman good
>SPIC- white man bad
>LD- calarts waifus
>DSC- nothing
>PCD- nothing
>LD- nothing, also crass
Not Trek
>Fans have spoken. It's not Star Trek.
Nice, can you post where this was decided? I assume you have a poll taken at a Trek convention or something, right?
>Mariner is a dyke
Bravo McMahan
Because they own an once respectable brand and they need lots of mass produced content for their streaming services. Last thing they need is quality or respect of the sorce material, since those things would be in the way of catering to the lowest common denominator.

What does God need with ship porn?
File: 1627OldIP.png (135 KB, 795x658)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Thank you for admiting that you are not a Trek fan.
At least you are honest.
File: fleet.jpg (284 KB, 1920x1080)
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284 KB JPG
Also ship porn.
Why does everyone act like it's the NUMBER of Star Treks coming out that's the problem?

In 1996 there were
>26 episodes of Deep Space Nine
>26 episodes of Voyager
>1 movie (First Contact)
>TOTAL: 53

In 2020 there were
>12 episodes of Discovery
>10 episodes of Picard
>10 episodes of Lower Decks
>1 Short Trek (Children of Mars)
>TOTAL: 33
I thought every was “acting like” it’s the fact it’s all garbage was the problem.
It's not the main problem but it sure doesn't help that they keep pumping out new series after series despite still not figuring out how to make the shows they already have remotely good.
Nope, they blame the number of shows as well as black women despite there being 100000 genuine complaints to be had about any of the new shows (even LD which I like)
That doesn’t read like you really understand the complaint. The problem with viacomcbs’ apparent model to make “Star Trek” is it’s centered around dissecting and isolating independent themes/concepts of Star Trek and trying to make a show from them. Where none of these themes/concepts are really relevant to what made Star Trek successful in the first place.
What do TAS and DS9 have in common?
I think they'd all have be training ship now and scott becoming federation president, wouldn't be able to do stunts anymore.

Senior positions basically.
>it was dynamic & high stakes, but the ending was sorta not for me
I dunno, I was spoiled on Captain Freeman being led away in chains so I spent the entire episode waiting for whatever fuckup was going to get her arrested.
It being a twist in the Pakled Plot was kind of a nice surprise.
Speaking of Intrigue, Rutherford's implant is apparently some kind of Starfleet Black Ops plant?
Or Vulcan Black Ops.
>Or Vulcan Black Ops.
Possible, but the vaguely British accents of both the Implanters and the Starfleet Command officer at the end makes me think Starfleet Intelligence/Section 31.
But like ugly people porn, fat chick porn, right? You don't really think this style-less abomination looks good, do you?

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