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File: download (49).jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
Have you ever experienced a travel meltdown by someone on a plane? I actually had a meltdown myself:
>Flying to Panama City from US on Copa Airlines
>Get stuck in the back, unreclinable seat between two guys in their 50s
>0 leg room and the middle seat has even less, feet basically touching together
>Forced to share both armrests because I'm a beta and subconsciously cave in after rubbing arms with strange men
>Brown guy on the aisle seat starts nudging his elbow behind mine taking the entire armrest while I'm forced to lean forwards
>Put up with it for a few minutes
>eventually rub my arm next to his gradually increasing force
>I eventually make an obvious push and he pushes me back
>I ask him what the fuck his problem is that the middle seat should have the ENTIRE armrest
>he thinks it's ok that he gives me the front of the arm rest
>I tell him he's indigenous trash and he should not argue with me
>I feel guilty and give him the armrest for the rest of the flight and he skips the meal
I should touch wood, because so far I haven’t. I have seen some meltdowns in airports before, though, presumably from people who’ve just missed flights.

Most recent was last summer; I was at the airport in Zürich sending my nephews home on a flight to San Francisco. Some woman who was sure she should be allowed to get on the SFO flight (I think; she was at the gate for my nephew’s ZRH-SFO departure) but for some reason was not was a sobbing, jibbering, hysterical mess. I actually have to give the ground staff some credit for how gently they dealt with this surely annoying madwoman.

I hope she’s OK.
I was pretty close to it on my 3rd flight cancellation in 4 days
African guy on a flight from FRA to IAD tried to open the door halfway. They belted him and taped him to a seat. When we landed we had to wait while they arrested him and took him off the plane.
I saw a meltdown from an American or Canadian dude flying from Athens to Tbilisi back in 2018. It was around midnight so I assume everyone was just tired. This dude goes off about something the flight attendant did, not even sure what it was but he kept saying it was her fault. It was both hilarious and just as cringe as you could imagine.
>African guy on a flight from FRA to IAD tried to open the door halfway.
kek what? Did he ever explain why?
Sassy fat black bitch cause we had to land in Memphis instead of Atlanta coming from San Francisco due to severe weather went ape shit at all staff then the ticket counter people. No arrest she shut up eventuality. They just let her wear herself out yelling.
Another one not a meltdown but flight from Sharm El-Sheikh to Cario. In the back of the plane and last minute they load a guy on a stretcher in who looks fucking dead. Just under a sheet can’t see him at all but he was in the aisle next to me the whole short flight. If I had to guess they were taking him to a decompression chamber from the bends. That’s a major dive spot. Idk just a guess I don’t speak Arabic but no one did anything with him the whole flight he was just there not moving, but he did come off first when we landed. If he was truly dead though I don’t see why he would be in a plane.
A layover in Beijing drove me insane and I was just walking around ranting about how shit their country was by the end of it. Straight after landing it was
>outside was literally just toxic, green fart gas smog covering everything that was so thick it left a residue
>staff were these little midget men trying to act like soldiers despite the fact they were just directing a group of like 15 around
>had no idea what they were doing and moving us from one lane to the other, at one point having us do a full circle when we could have just walked straight
>get to their lobby and there's this big mall but every shop is closed and all the models are white people because they think americans want to buy american shit when they travel
>food was awful
>currency exchange only wanted large amounts of money exchanged at once so I couldn't get change for anything
>again, ugliest airport and city I've ever seen. Probably the ugliest place on earth.
Then I sometimes see CCP shills on 4chan trying to tell people "it's clean now" despite the fact I went there a couple years ago.
He apparently had a panic attack.
>all the models are white people because they think americans want to buy american shit when they travel
That's not really the reason. China is shit though.
>>2576713 (OP) #
Flight from Houston to Vegas on a discount airline. I should have fucking known better. And I have a connection to make in Vegas. Storm hits and flight takeoff is delayed the weather. We eventually take off and I'm one of like 10 white passengers on the plane. After takeoff we go through the other side of the storm and it's rough. Group of fat black women in the front freak tf out every time the plane shakes.
>oh lawd
Screaming like they're all going to die, praying and asking God to help them.
It's so rough they won't even pass out beverages but come on.
This one enormous black lady stands up out of her seat and keels over. Flight attendants find someone on board who is a nurse.
>There's nothing wrong with her she's just super unhealthy and panicking, regains consciousness after a couple minutes.
Rest of the flight is pretty uneventful, weather settles down around the time we're over New Mexico and we soon land.
They make the plane park in a remote area so am ambulance can be called.
Paramedics check her out but she refuses to go to the hospital.
Plane arrives hours behind schedule but my connection is delayed too due to severe weather all over the southern US.
>Make my connection right before the last call.
Never connecting in Vegas or a southern city again. I should have gone through Denver even if it's a longer flight.
>flying on airplane
>passanger crying
>continues loudly crying the whole time
>this goes on for literally hours
>of course its an american
>other passangers are trying to comfort him
>one even provides their own food

i hate babies so much its unreal
Few things piss me off more than parents who can't take care of their children.

only seen one rage on a plane

> euro discount airline
> guy in front row arrives last
> goes to put his bag in the overhead bin
> oh no it is full
> he instantly - I mean within three milliseconds - goes stark staring mad
> starts pulling out other people's stuff
> "this is MY LOCKER SPACE"
> guy in row two is some two metre tall rugby player type
> looms over the angry dude and tells him 'do not touch my stuff'
> angry guy, having been mogged by huge dude, starts yelling at the cabin crew demanding they take his bag for him
> they decline and say he must walk down the aisle himself to stow it
> at this point he could put his bag above row 5
> guy says "NO! you are the CREW! it is YOUR JOB!"
> tiny cabin crew lady calmly tells him it is not his job and he is to do it
> pilot comes out and talks to the man
> "are you going to behave or do I have to have you deplaned"
> angry guy simmers down
> now has to walk to row 21231241342 to put his bag up
> flight happens
> plane lands
> all passengers wordlessly coordinate to block the aisle so the angry man can't get his bag until everyone else is off

honestly anons I didn't know people could get that mad that quickly over that little
not on a plane, but on a train. came close to one
>I'm going from Edinburgh to London
>it's summer and I have just walked for about 40 minutes hauling my massive suitcase and backpack + wearing my winter coat
>get to station just in time, the skin is peeling off my hands from hauling my suitcase (no joke, it took about a week to heal and was painful as fuck)
>arrive onto train and 2 elderly jeets are sitting in my seats
>ask them to move
>they mumble something and a woman opposite tells me to just sit in the seat next to her
>she helps me put my very very heavy suitcase in the rack (arms were quite weak)
>just flop into the seat, covered in sweat, and drink massive bottle of of water
>when the food cart comes round order irn bru and lots of sweets
if it hadn't been for that woman I would have lost it
I fly every week for many years and surprisingly, I have only seen one small meltdown. It was a domestic flight from Paris to Nice.
Something about some old guy asking a nervous 40-50 something dude to stop pushing his seat and the younger dude just went full defcon 1 on the old man, citing how tired he was, how stressful his day was and so on and so on. Didn’t last long though.
>if it hadn't been for that woman I would have lost it
It's a shame you didn't. I hate jeets so much.
>arrive onto train and 2 elderly jeets are sitting in my seats
>sitting in my seats

Did you purchase two seats becauss you're fat or you just like the room?
They knew UK train staff don't enforce seat assignments. The staff won't do anything if they refuse to move. UK trains are full of shits like that who won't move from your seat if you don't look like someone who will assault them. So you take a different seat and do the same thing if the owner asks you to move. UK is a failed state.
I only had one seat (the window seat) but they were sitting in the 2-seat row when clearly they were not meant to sit there
Should have written "one was sitting in my seat"
Yeah sometimes the system (the little lights showing which seats are reserved) just entirely "breaks" too and it's anarchy
File: KING vs QUEEN.png (1.94 MB, 2702x1980)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
I travel a lot but I can't remember seeing any meltdowns. I've seen people getting upset over lost luggage at the airport or something like that, but even then it wasn't a real meltdown.
My money is on the King, he actually has the balls to use a racial slur.
You sound like a mong OP. Just fucking ask the guy next to you to share like a civilized person.
And you have the gall to call anyone subhuman. KWAB!
Two stories but neither really meltdown tier.

>like 12 or 13 years old
>flying EWR to MIA on shitty charter airline ATA to catch a Norwegian cruise ship with parents
>flight is chartered by the cruise line so they wait for people even if they're late (not sure if this is still a thing)
>plane is almost fully boarded but we sit at the gate for 45 minutes because we are waiting for 2 passengers
>They finally arrive carrying Burger King
>lots of muttering as they take their seats but no flip outs

Next one happened as an adult
>flying Belgrade to JFK on Serbian Air
>row behind me is 3 Israeli kids, parents are across the aisle
>incessant babbling in kikespeak, I guess Serbian Air is cheaper than El Al
>kid behind me won't stop poking at the screen on my seat back
>jabbing at it like it's a Palestinian's eye socket
>turn around and tell him to cut it out
>kid ignores me
>look at the father who pretends not to notice either
>goes on for a while until I abruptly recline the seat in the kid's face
Fucking Israelis
lmao my entire life I thought this was James May.
You have never been a parent. I hope you kids are colicky till they're 10.
Flying from Baikonur to Moscow. There was a fight between two passengers at 9000 meters, but I was in the bathroom and missed it all.

No FSB waiting at the gate. But that's Russia for you.
I had a mild one flying from mexico city to puerto vallarta. Paid extra to get a seat in the front so that I could get off the plane quickly and my seat ended up bring like 10 rows back I was pissed. Viva air mexico or some shit. Anyways as soon as the plane landed i stormed to the front past a bunch of uppity mezitos
If your kids are still "colicky" at 10, you've never been a parent, either. Teach them some fucking discipline.

There's nothing I hate more than people who think other people should have to deal with their child's tantrums because they can't be bothered.
I've seen the Chinese phenomenon of families throwing rehearsed tantrums, rolling on the ground and ruining things as a form of begging.
Someone did it at a train station and I just walked up to that gook and told them that I would personally fuck them if they didn't get their shit together.
The train station people put up with it, the police put up with it, passengers put up with it but fuck off if I'm going to. I lost face for team China
File: pt_2100_216_o.jpg (15 KB, 269x399)
15 KB
Not the craziest story but my only experience:
>Krakow to Dublin
>Tall as hell white woman constantly walking up and down the aisle
>Was praying on bended knees at the airlock door
>Ends up punching asian flight attendant
>Gets arrested when we land
Gonna be traveling again soon bros. How crazy have the discount airline people gotten since covid? Wouldn't mind having some in flight entertainment.
Same as ever

>>I tell him he's indigenous trash and he should not argue with me
poojeets have ruined our merry old england. The americans are lucky that they have hispanics instead of these twats
Had a drunk guy on a flight refuse to buckle his seat belt before takeoff and started threatening the male flight attendant. They had to pull off the runway and police came on the plane and dragged him off. That was 10 years ago, wonder if that dude has been able to fly since
I was flying back home from Dallas after a work trip and I was sat behind this bitch and her spawn. It wasn't crying or anything but the bitch kept taking the baby out of its seat and it would kick the back of my seat. I got pretty annoyed and raised my voice at her telling her to stop. I was in a crappy mode and had a raging headache at the time.
Hispanics are generally pretty based besides drunk driving a lot and petty theft
You're just a shit parent.
Why does Ryanair have Asian stewardesses?
Maybe an asian girl applied and got the job
Hopefully he learnt a nice life lesson that day.
Never in the plane, but in the airport
>waiting in security line
>a 20-something girl a few people in front of me collapses on her suitcase
>people around her break her fall softly and lay her down, she's not moving or responding
>airport security comes over
>immediately she's fine and starts screaming
>I get into the TSA pre line and get right through security
>she's still wandering around the lines yelling "WHY WONT ANYONE HELP ME"
people should just arms around each other in middle class, share that human body heartto fall asleep easier and relieve tension
White women really do pull this shit.
I stopped flying through Beijing/Hong Kong purely because of Chinese shenanigans. Many of them I believed to be triad gang wars before realising it's just two families having a feud in the departure lounge or actual violence on the plane. Honestly from my five times of transferring through China I have so many stories I wouldn't even know which one to greentext. Just never go through China, pay an excess for fuck sake. I'm an idiot for doing it even once let alone five times
Ex-girlfriend told me she didn't like to fly. I don't like to fly myself. Turns out she was completely terrified. Had a full blown meltdown as the plane was taking off. Starting with screaming, crying, and trying to leave her seat. I took an elbow to nose. She started hyperventilating and passed out. When she came to, she stayed curled up in a ball whimping like a injured puppy for the next hour. My parents were nice enough to drive us home.
>flying to the south of Spain, typical British stag group type a few rows behind me
>drinking constantly all flight, being loud and somewhat obnoxious, but mostly just high spirits
>coming into land, one of them gets up insisting he needs the toilet
>air hostess blocks his way, tells him to sit down. guy groans but slinks back to his seat
>one of his friends (a fucking manlet gymrat) absolutely explodes, demands the guy be allowed to go. threatening the air hostess, making like he's going to get up
>some norf fc type fat guy a couple of rows up starts yelling at him, telling him to shut the fuck up and sit down. guy is now alternating screaming at the hostess and threatening this old boy
>this goes on til we touch down. we're held on the ground for about 30 minutes as the police have been called. angry guy has finally shut up at this point as he's twigged he's in the shit
>finally let us off the plane. last we see of them is the shouty guy being led away by police whilst his friends stand around looking shell shocked
seen a few tantrums etc
also saw this one on twiXter today
woman goes loopy, threatens to kill people, tries to pee in aisle of plane
all because she got told to sit down
people are so fucked up these days
File: 1619174340097.jpg (55 KB, 828x614)
55 KB
Never saw a meltdown, but I did see one thing after getting off the plane
>Several hour transatlantic flight
>Heathrow to Washington-Dulles
>Get to customs and immigration
>Tiny fucking room with a single fan on
>In 38c (100f) weather
>Hundreds of people in this one room
>Have to stand in thirdie line due to not being a US citizen
>Standing in the line for hours
>Start to near the end
>Look behind me
>A bunch of people have made a big gap, they're waving at CBP agents and pointing at someone
>Some old git (no idea if it's a dude or a woman) has slumped over
>Probably a heart attack or heat stroke
>CBP officers rush in with a stretcher looking thing
>Person is evacuated from the room, ushered off to god knows where
>Further delays in immigration processing due to this
Almost missed my connecting flight because of that. No idea if they died or not. It inspired me to get GE though, the US citizens line goes so much fucking faster. Whoever thought having a single working fan in a room that tiny and hot was a genuine retard though.
He is dead. It's highly advised not to fly after you go scuba diving because you'll get decompression sickness and get incredibly ill or die.

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