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Visiting Louisville Kentucky end of September:

Looking for:

Food recommendations.(I'm down for anything unique to the location. Fancy or mom and pop.)

photography areas.

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there’s a nice Cuban spot downtown called La Bodeguita de Mima. food is amazing. lots of latina qts serving you too. if you want something a little more fancy, there’s Brazeiros on fourth street. Brazilian steakhouse but it’s pretty much all Mexican guys working there. but damn is the food good, especially the cheesy bread too. downtown has a couple good gems here and there, but be aware of the druggies and thugs that wander around there. lots of homeless.

>photography areas
if you want good photos of the louisville skyline go across the river to Indiana to a place called Widow’s Walk Ice Creamery. it’s basically an old colonial house somebody turned into an ice cream shop, and it’s fucking fantastic, been going for years, but it’s right along the river and there’s a fantastic view of the
louisville skyline. get you a cone and sit on one of the benches, take some photos while looking at the water and the skyline. you’ll have a good time. picrel.

memorial forrest.
I clearly remember there being a very good burger I ate in a diner nearby. And grits. Good luck.
Try McDonald's
I prefer Burger King.
My time has finally come. I have eaten just about everywhere in Louisville and lived here 33 years. This is my list I refer to when I'm going out.

Ramen House (it's only ok)

Jefferson Mall (must try, best Chinese I have had anywhere. The orange chicken, peking chicken, and bourbon chicken are out of this world. The rice and lo mein are only okay but no where else I have been around the US can top the meats listed above. Make sure to get the bourbon sauce from the chicken over your lo mein or rice whichever you get. It has zero bourbon flavor, it is simply delicious)

Bahn Thai

Sarang (it's pretty good but skippable)

Bombay Grill (out of everything this is the best imo. it has ruined Indian food for me in other cities as well as here because it is so much better)

Safier Mediterranean Deli

Havana Rumba

Ollie’s Trolley
Toasty’s Tavern

Pizza Lupo (neopolitan)
Bonnie & Clyde’s (this is the best pizza here)

Bootleg BBQ (these are tiny and you have to order ahead for them, but they are fantastic especially when dipped in their original bbq sauce. try the potato salad here if you go)

Fried Chicken:
The Eagle (must visit, get the hot honey with it. It isn't spicy really but it is fantastic and so is the chicken)

Shrimp and Grits/Meatloaf:
80/20 Kaelin’s

Nashville Hot Chicken:

Rafferty’s (Chicken finger salad with hot bacon and honey mustard dressing. This is a chain in a lot of places)

Week-End Burgers

I Love Tacos (you can find better tacos in other cities I'm sure. I just like the Al Pastor tacos here)

El Nopal

Tortilla Chips:

Hungry Pelican

Prime Rib:
J. Alexander’s Redlands Grill

Steak and Bourbon

Louisville is the most liveable city in the US for me, and I have been all over.
Forget to say Toasty's is a must try as well. I would definitely hit:

Bombay Grill
Max Orient (Jefferson Mall food court, not the best mall but worth it for the Chinese)
Toasty's Tavern (get their cheeseburger and fries, they use "magic dust" on the fries and it is great, they even sell jars of the dust)
Ollie's Trolley (Cash only, close at 4pm, their fry seasoning and Ollie's sauce for the burger and to dip fries in is out of this world)
The Eagle (fried chicken, get the hot honey)
Bonnie and Clyde's (I recommend just a pepperoni pizza the first time)
based burgerdier general poster
>photography areas.
post your pics
>Hungry Pelican
Whats their best dish
Best fried chicken is Chicken King

Besides that Louisville sucks dog shit bro
>t. retard
Lived there my whole life fuck that shithole
I have as well you Shively piece of shit. Louisville is fantastic
Yeah, not sure what that guy is going on about. It isn't my absolute favorite city, but it's one of the more underrated cities I've been to. I'm assuming he lives in the part that has all the niggers.

Few places are worse than Louisville

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