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I suddenly have to take two weeks of time off next months so I'm thinking of going to Croatia for about 10 days.
>arrive in Dubrovnik
>spend one or two nights there
>ferry to Split
>two or three nights in Split, maybe a day trip to Zadar
>two nights somewhere in Plitvice Lakes national park
>back to Split and leave from there

Is this plan too rushed or did I miss something?
Is Dubrovnik really that much crowded in June or would it be worth to spend more time there?
I didn't hear much about Zagreb, is it worth visiting if you know Vienna and other Central European cities well?
Decent plan. Zagreb is cool but don't spend too much time there, 2 days max.
Is it hard to communicate in Balkan countries if I only speak English?
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>I didn't hear much about Zagreb, is it worth visiting if you know Vienna and other Central European cities well?
IMO with your schedule, no. It's a nice city with a great town square, quirky museums, and good food, but it's not worth a trip across the country by itself.
If you decide to go anywhere that isn't accessible by ferry, don't take the trains, they're shitty and unreliable and it'll probably be substituted with a bus at the last minute anyways.
If you have an extra day to kill, spend another day in Split and make a day trip to an island (like Hvar, the one in your pic). I took pic rel 24 hours ago; it really is that pretty. Follow the seaside path on the right for a super beautiful beach/sea bath.
Eat at Villa Spiza and DeListes Restaurant in Split.
t. was in Split, currently in Zagreb

Croat here

Dubrovnik is overmemed expensive and boring (to me), been there once and its full of stone buildings, okay, now what? lol not a game of kids fan so cannot recommend it at all.

Split - stinks in the morning for unknown reason, has some cool girls walking by.

Zadar - fuck, Zadar has best looking women in Croatia, but also best looking men of Croatia. Everyone is a model there. Go and see. Fully recommend. Also everyone has an attitude. Dalmatians even have a name for it.
But overall people >>2466592 speak English, especially anyone under 35, including kids.

I also recommend Opatija and Lovran. Less known but very beautiful cities close to Istria which also has some cool places but your time allows you only so much, and Istrian girls are trollish.

Go for Zadar its close to Split, it will be touristy now but try to find locals by avoiding popular places.

Zadar girls are for me most beautiful women in Balkan, but their attitude is often same as western american female so really - a lot of smoking, attitude bs.

Heed my warning and have a good time, also, Croatia is unproportionally expensive for what it offers.
I been many many times. Go to BIOGRAD NA MORU near zadar. Beautiful time.

Just avoid the locals they are quite mean/rude. But it won't be too hard as majority of that area is all tourists.

Literally everyone you will deal with in Dubrovnik/Split/Plitvice lakes will speak English.
Croatia was an attractive place to vacation because it was cheap due to the favorable currency exchange. They recently switched to the EURO though so it's not cheap anymore.
Have they already fully changed to euro or are people still quoting things in kuna?

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