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Is it normal?
Would they even let me in?
How do you socialise inside?
It's not normal and they only let in groups greater than 4
I noticed that in Europe they sometimes let you in. But in the US they don’t let me in EVER. I almost got arrested for approaching a club in miami once and asking politely if I was allowed inside. And that was on a slow night, no line. They were just letting people in too. But they saw me and their eyes got wide, they looked me ip and down, called over the bouncer and he said
>listen man you have a fake ID
Cops came over and accused me too and then let me go. I COUPD HAVE fought the charge because it WAS a real ID but still, they don’t let in solo men.

In spain once I went to a club woth two women and they told the three of us that *I* could not go in with them. I asked the main bouncer if he would let me in with them for a 50 and he said alright but dont let the other bouncers ee you pass by. So he distracted them and I went in.

You have to be ATTRACTIVE to be let into clubs as a male, unless you’re with a lot of people (>4) and majority of them women.
>Is it normal?
highly abnormal, grounds for forced mental asylum
>Would they even let me in?
the cheaper places might let you in, depending on the result from the mandatory penis inspection
>How do you socialise inside?
you can't, since everyone is just there with and for their friend groups

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