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So my friend and I are travelling to Amsterdam to celebrate our graduation and to get really baked.
Now we're no strangers to the ol' smoke'n'stroke, but being tourists also, What should we watch out for?
Our plan is to spend 3 or 4 days hanging around the city getting high, eating, and seeing the nightlife, we wont be bringing out girlfriends so we don't give a shit about stuff like seeing rural villages or Anne franks house.
I had a colleague who visited Germany recently for just a week and he got accosted by gangs of gypsies or Romanians not just once but 3 times, and they weren't peaceful touts either, in one instance they even roughed him up a bit. It was very sad to hear because hes a very meek, nice young guy, but he is Japanese and I've heard Asian tourists are targeted specifically by these gangs.
Now this is worrying because while I'm not Asian, my buddy is, and being out in European city looking blind dr
Drunk would probably make us targets for east European subhumans, how do we avoid this?
There's a new law in Amsterdam which forbids the smoking of weed in tourist area's, which are fined 100 euros. So watch out where you smoke.
Also ignore dealers/people who try to sell you shit on the streets.

>how do we avoid this
Don't get too drunk, always stay together.

>t. Dutchman who hates Amsterdam
Your buddy probably had bad luck, sounds like an uncommonly shitty area, with not a lot of people around. The kind of place that would have gotten him shot in the US.
If you don't try your very hardest, you won't find a place like that in Amsterdam. A lot of the center is safe, but ridiculously commercialized for tourists. There's no benches, no supermarket to get a normally prized water and food that's expensive and made with the thought that you won't come back anyway. Just don't get in sketchy situations, try to stay in public areas and don't get talked into buying drugs on the street, it's that easy.
Amsterdam is good for some debauchery, but it's not a place to be loud and drunk or smoke weed outside. You're not even allowed to, or have a drink in public. The closer you are to the center of tourism near the main station and red light district, the higher your chance of hitting an eh-coffeeshop.
Even if you want to have a relaxed trip, in my experience it's good to plan ahead a little in Amsterdam. The best stuff is in culture and drugs/party, but the most obvious options usually kind of suck. Figure out some clubs that don't seem like total tourist traps, same with coffeeshops.
Weedwise I'd recommend the Barney's places in the city, if you can get in, they're extremely well kept and friendly but full. Katsu is a coffeeshop to the south of the city center, you take a small walk down the residential streets and canals and find they have a great selection for reasonable prices.
I know you said no Anne Frank house, but museums in general are very nice there. In my opinion it's a nice day if you start it with a museum you like, get high, have some food and maybe go out or have some jenever in the evening.
Go to coffeeshops *outside* of the city centre. Got shit weed from some random coffeeshop in the centre a few weeks ago because I was in a hurry and that hardly did anything for me. I'd recommend Boerejongens.

Go try AMAZE if you're high or tripping.
I actually think these signs are great and it's hilarious to see Redditors crying about them.
I don't get why people would even want to smoke in public and cause working people and family tourists a nuisance when they can smoke in cafes and at home anyway.
>Also ignore dealers/people who try to sell you shit on the streets.
What if we wanted to try MDMA? Are street dealers dangerous enough that we shouldn't try at all?
We dislike normalfags generally so unless Dutch are all spergs it would be difficult for us to make friends at a club and find me that way.

Thanks for the recommendations, will take a look
Just buying drugs off the street dealers probably isn't too unsafe in itself, if you stick to the relatively public areas. No way of telling what you're buying though. Tourists die from badly cut or mislabeled street drugs in Amsterdam every now and then. Local people into mdma probably know where to test it for free, test it themselves, but I guess you'd have to get to know them a little. You can probably buy it in clubs, but then you also don't know much.
Asking around in clubs is 100 times better. Some nice person will probably give you something for free.
Do not go to the touristy cafes other than just to buy some coffee and smoke your OTHER weed which you bought elsewhere.

Which leads me to my main point: im not going to tell you where because I dont want faggots to ruin it, but you can get the best weed in the world or very bad weed in amsterdam. You have to know where you’re going. I go to a couple that are farther out of the main area and its world class quality. Make friends with someone if you can bc they can get you really good nonflower weed products.

However, what you want is TRADITIONAL HASHISH. You have to go to the right place or you eill get unsmokeable trash. But the right stuff is absolutely amazing.
You’ll be fine just don’t act like a retard. Netherlands has 90%+ English fluency so you won’t have any communication problems. If you are from America my advice is unironically read up on bike etiquette. You can’t just fuck around and do whatever you want on a bike like in America, you are expected to obey the rules. Also seconding other anons to get your weed elsewhere besides the city center.
You mean well, but saying all this without giving the poor guy any specifics at all is completely worthless.

>You can get the best weed in the world if you know where to go in LA or the worst ever

How the hell does this contribute anything?
>because I dont want faggots to ruin it
Wow that was hard
Yeah I dont want passport nigs and reddtiors etc to catch wind and fuck it up. I gave him that info so that he knew he CAN get good weed in amsterdam (some retards tell you that you cant, because they go to “the Bulldog” and call it a night). I also gave him concrete tips on what to avoid, so he doesnt waste his time or money.

>A) go outside the tourist area/city center
>B) find the good hash there thats what is the best and theyll also always have good weed too
If he cant manage that then he honestly shouldnt travel and I HOPE he has a bad time so that he doesnt come back. Sick of passport nigs predditors and instragm clout chasers shitting up every nice place on earth.
>What if we wanted to try MDMA?
What's your mobile number?
I don't want to post it here but you can send me your details at sawe3v+dars4sd9a73rbuy47sz9s@sharklasers.com and I will get back to you
Fellow Dutchfag here, avoid Amsterdam if you want good pot. All stores know they're the pot HQ for tourists and will sell you overpriced trash.
Try The Hague.
>Also ignore dealers/people who try to sell you shit on the streets.
Also this, street dealing is illegal.
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It's thread #2348746283764 of 20 yo drug-heads going to Amsterdam to do drugs and fuck hookers.

Everything is well on /trv/, thank God.

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