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I'm moving to Quito for almost a year for work reasons. Heard that crime is on the rise compared to how it was before covid so give me a rundown. Safe places to walk, shop and coom? I speak Spanish.
It's like this, man if you've seen enough crime in the United States you'd laugh at Ecuador's. Yes, it's in Ecuador but It's nowhere as bad as you'd hear.
There is cartel action happening in a couple of cities and on occasion they shoot it out but it's usually them offing each other more than it is killing innocents.
As for petty crime in Ecuador, it is no worse or less than the rest of western South America. It definitely isn't Brazil tier in comparison if you're concerned about that.
Quito is quiet and has not much problem. It's Guayaquil you want to keep aware of.
Shopping in Quito: everything on Avenida 6 de Diciembre road is all you can ask for.
Guayaquil is the Baltimore of Ecuador it's pretty gritty but there's so much to see there if you do it safely.
Don't think I'll have the time to go to Guayaquil or anywhere outside of Quito. I also don't plan on going to brothels or anywhere shady but I would like to pay girls to come home. Is that a bad idea?

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