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Howdy /trv/lers,

I'll be visiting Poland (Warsaw) for a week in February. First time there coming from Florida.
t. non-white looking mutt

What do anons recommend to do/see?
How do I avoid getting scammed?
What's the appropriate amount of cash to bring for 7 days?
Ficki ficki?

Thread also for general Poland discussion, travel advice, stories, sights, women, food, etc.
>What do anons recommend to do/see?
Europe winter, so lots of sitting inside and people being extra gloomy
>How do I avoid getting scammed?
Don't go to anything dealing with 'cash only' book hotels and pay in advance, use public transportation, don't listen to a nog telling you things in english, don't try to seek out 'sketchy' shit
>What's the appropriate amount of cash to bring for 7 days?
Depends what you plan to do, shit can be cheap as you make it
Thanks anon

I plan to do mostly tourism stuff. so museums and eating in restaurants. My hotel is in Old Town so plan to just walk everywhere.
lol, nothing in this post pertains to Warsaw. It's just generic tripe.

Just book something on booking.com like always, sometimes you pay up front, sometimes you pay upon arrival. Bolt/Uber are cheap and by far best way to get around, there's no nogs in Warsaw hassling you.
Poland is now practically a cashless society, so you don't really need cash. Just have 100pln (preferably in twenties) at hand in case.

Off the top of my head:
>Check songkick to see if there's any gigs on
>use Couchsurfing/Warsaw expats to see if anybody wants to grab a drink
>Get 2.5hour train down to Krakow and spend a couple of nights, which is the far superior city
>Get a private room in hostel to tap into a social scene quicker and get the lay of the land
Do most places accept American Express?

Thank you for the recommendations, anon!
>Ficki ficki?
the goat website was unfortunately shutdown but ppl say pl.escort.club is ok
where to eat?????????
Cancel your ticket to Warsaw and go to Gdansk instead.

Warsaw is full of Ukrainian gypsy beggars at the moment.
I'm really astonished that the Polish government seems to have forgotten what happened in Volhynia and that the ideological descendants of the perpetrators are now in power in Ukraine, glorifying the crimes of their ancestors and even creating a cult of hero worship for the worst offenders.
Are they dangerous? Im mostly gonna be staying in Old Town.
If you are in Poland you have to try one of our best local delicacy quite respected abroad
[spoiler] polish amphetamine [/spoiler]

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