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What countries are the best to eat fresh, sweet fruits & fruit juice? I am a fruit enjoyer.

this vid looks so good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwnfoG0WyYc
There are homosexuals in all countries. Some have more than others, such as Canada and Turkey.
thailand has good and cheap fruit
The best fruit I ever tasted was a mango picked straight from a tree in Senegal. Don't remember much about other fruits there, it's been a while, but the mangos were absolutely insane.
Dominiggan Republic.
Central Asia. Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan. Melons, nectarines.
any more details
look at this oh my god: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/0FBdjfp6cyg
Sri Lanka is either the best or worst option for what you're looking for. It's probably really cheap right now, but if your skin is any color besides brown, you might attract beggars and/or scalpers.

But not only do they have a wide variety of fruits, they also have a pretty big juice culture. There are probably more juice shops than there are bars & coffee shops in Sri Lanka. Some of the fruits you can enjoy:
>veralu ("Ceylon olive")
>and many more
You can get most fruits made into a juice or smoothie.
Don't sleep on the pineapples and woodapples. Sri Lankan pineapples are sweeter/less sour compared to other pineapple varieties. Woodapples have an interesting flavor that's somewhere between a peach & cantaloupe.
You can eat & drink coconuts without breaking the bank; coconuts grow like weeds over there.
And be sure to check out the jackfruit. They make a type of curry with it called Kiri Kos, and it's out of this world. One of the best dishes I've eaten.
When all's been said and done, you can even buy jams made from fruits that you never knew came in jam form, and bring them home with you.
If you eat anything outside of a resort in the Dominican Republic you WILL spend multiple days projectile vomiting in your hotel room.

Everyone carries parasites, most locals have terrible hygiene, the mains water is contaminated with sewage (sewage from people and animals carrying parasites). Worst location in the world for tourists coming down with illness by a large margin (second is Egypt) .
wdym best or worst option, seems like a great place for what im looking for
The reason for the apprehension was because they're going through an economic crisis right now. There's not enough money, not enough fuel, and not enough food.

Not enough money = possible price hikes on foreigners, increased robbery/scam risk
Not enough fuel = supply chain interruption
Not enough food = limited availability

Objectively speaking, it ticks your boxes. I just can't promise that it'll be a smooth ride right now.
I just read some reddit posts that said that stuff was only in colombo and not in the beach spots. and a article said the situation is much better than it was couple months ago with those riots. think its better now. hope it gets better though. the exchange rate is really good for usd kek, 200 rupees for a 1 usd to 360 this past march. I wont be visiting anytime soon though, maybe in the summer, so will keep this in mind
Cool, it sounds like you have a level head on the situation. Hope it does get better, so you can enjoy your avocado smoothies and woodapples.

I don't know if this is really your thing, but check out the tea and spices, Sri Lanka is famous for those. And if you drink, there's a liquor called arrack that you might wanna check out.
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I tried fresh guava juice while is south africa, it was really good, it became my favorite drink, but now I am in northern hemisphere and its almost impossible to find it, there is bottled long life juice but it tastes nothing like the real thing.
I still dream of fresh guava juice. Shit is crack. Impossible to find back home, the “nectar” doesn’t cut it.

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