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I've always used Expedia for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. It hadn't even occured to me that there may be a different way to go about traveling. Is there another method that you guys use to book your stuff instead of using Expedia (or one of its competitors)?
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Wydm? Expedia is the only travel website
>imagine being OTA-supporting scum
>support a monstrous oligopoly thats cheats and robs every participant of the travel industry
You deserve being treated like shit by every travel supplier (and they already do, especially hotels)
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for me, it's Trivago.
Why wouldn't you book directly from the operator?
Skyscanner is a great place to start. It shows a ton of airlines. From LAX, I found $540 to Switzerland on Swiss Air in January for a ski trip.

I also check Lufthansa and Alaska Airlines. They both have special landing pages for any deals they have going. I got a flight to Munich for $500 on Lufthansa last summer. Out of LAX, that's pretty much as cheap as it ever gets for a direct flight on a good reputable airline.
Use any site you want, but at the very least take the time to compare prices. I've had instances where the prices on third-party websites were exactly the same as booking directly, or just marginally cheaper. I don't bother booking third-party unless I can save a significant amount of money.
It's generally less of a headache to book directly, because it holds the airline/hotel/etc. accountable when something goes wrong. If you book with Expedia or some other site, they'll pass the buck on you. The airline/hotel will tell you to take it up with Expedia, then Expedia will tell you to take it up with the airline/hotel.
I normally use those kinds of sites as a starting point. Even if I don't actually book anything, I can still see what my options are. They are super-handy as I can find flight options that I never would've considered, and they're even more useful for accommodation because I know jack shit except for a few major hotel brands.
hotel manager here
expedia is that weird hipster website only the occasional boomer uses for some reason.
most people book directly via the hotel's website or maybe booking.com.
booking direct is the way to go. 3rd party sites fuck with your refund/cancellation policy too much.

>flight gets delayed
>booked directly with hotel
>"hey can i reschedule my booking?"

versus having to spend hours and hours on hold trying to reach some chink in Singapore about your booking.com booking only to be told to fuck off
like seriously 90% of my job stress is retards booking via a 3rd party website, selecting "Non-refundable" to get a slight discount and then wondering why they cant get a refund.
Expedia is based, but few times I also used booking com.
the worst thing to do is to go to an actual local travel agent, never ever do that.
I book directly, because it it is cheaper.
For me it's Agoda. I don't know how they beat hotel rates but it's consistently 10-20% off hotel website rates, taxes and everything included.
where do people find super cheap flights to bumfuck places like bulgaria? also anons whats the cheapest flight you have taken excluding domestic flights?
>theres people in 2022 that DONT book using promo codes from Tor...

>theres people that listen to gay tv ads then go buy from some gay website that overcharges
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Operators are catching onto Agoda and their dodgy rate-parity tactics by undercutting everyone (direct bookings, Booking.com, Expedia etc). We have made all of their future bookings non-refundable so no one books them.
i've used booking.com a lot and many places have very good cancellation policy, many cancellable up to including the day of arrival.
Booking & Expedia consistently have cheaper rates than the hotel's website in my experience
booking.com has good accommodation discounts when you build up "genius levels" - took me one trip to hit the highest tier.
Google flights is best for flights.
Everything else I usually just go directly because its typically niche.
I've never used expedia
Fun fact if you use sites that look at several companies for flights, it’ll be saved in your cookies so if you go directly to that operator you’ll still pay more (a finders fee) to that original company.
Always use incognito mode when search flights.
Always use a vpn to check around for flight prices from various continents
Always try to fuel dump.
This. I was looking for a particular flight to a Greek Isle and the retards at United were telling me the connections couldn't be done. The united website could not find it, but I knew it existed because it was a codeshare operated by Lufthansa and was showing up on there. I checked google flights for it and BOOM google found it immediately
quite the ascended and godly take you have here. care to suggest OP an alternative so as to not support "a monstrous oligopoly that cheats and robs every participant of the travel industry"? Or are you going to keep it a secret so that OP keeps doing OP?
Oh boy I saved $7 on my hotel room and can’t cancel or switch the dates because it’s booking.com. So worth it!
>can't cancel or switch dates
Why do you think this is a thing?

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