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/trv/ China General

China opening gradually -edition

General info:




Domestic Flights:

Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps
Dianping 大众点评 (Yelp/Groupon clone; Chinese only)

VPNs: (be advised, the CPC is cracking down on VPNs)

4chan: get a pass or use a vpn or both (might be blocked now)
(VPNs might get you b& on 4chan if used outside of /trv/)
File: download (31).jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
I'm addicted to their videos. Them being cuties is just the cherry on top.
Don't go to China right now, it sucks

>t. was stuck in Shanghai april lockdown
post companies who sell Business Invitation Letters for M Visas.
>China opening gradually
>This article is too long, I didn't read it; China is still implementing 2020 level restrictions
>People travelling into Beijing will be required to do daily tests in the first three days of their stay, and wait for the results before being allowed to leave their homes or accommodation, the city government spokesperson Xu Hejian told the same briefing. The new rules will be enforced from Tuesday.
>Students in schools across several Beijing districts buckled down for online classes on Monday after officials called for residents in some of its hardest-hit areas to stay home. Many businesses were also closed. China National Opera announced it has cancelled all its concerts on Monday.

Honestly, I don't know if I ever want to return to China. Since I was last there, I've learned about a lot of disturbing facts

What were you doing there?
Did you visit anywhere else in China?
If working or studying, what did you do for fun?
Were food prices increasing a lot due to supply chain fuck ups?
Did you ever feel threatened to be detained or exported?
Did you have to wear a mask indoors all the time?

Whoa there! Easy with the fake news rabbi
not him but i left there recently and can answer these.
1. work
2. of course but not a lot due to lockdown risks
3. gym, drink, travel, study, soccer
4. yes but there are nowhere near as bad as they are back home.
5. no? why do you ask this?
6. if its a public place then yes. inside my own home, of course not. You should be wearing a mask regardless though because of the air quality. Inside my house I have an air purifier.
You sound like you just traveled to a different neighborhood in you city for work then moved back home. Do you like traveling?
Ok I'll bite. Why would anyone who wasn't born here want to live there?
Oh no, I can't be a terrorist or glowie, how am I going to spend my free time there?
I mean....yes? 99% of people work outside their apartment complex. Such a strange auestion
No globohomo, no Jews, no tranny indoctrination, no mutt niggers, not full of obese people.
Your answer lacked enthusiasm or elaboration, so I was saying it was like it was nothing special - like a trip to another neighborhood in your hometown for instance
China's actually a nice place. I actually like the mutt propaganda, keeps the retard npcs away. They can enjoy places like Paris (nigger shithole), London (mudslime shithole) and NYC (turbonigger jew shithole)
Why would you want to visit China after seeing how they treat their citizens with this fake covid theater bullshit? Imagine being caught up in that.
I agree with everything but I do think NYC is nice and worth seeing.
My parents are expats there and it’s really tiresome and still far from reopening.
QR code asked absolutely everywhere, even going back home in your building, even in streets when you enter a different neighborhood.
Small businesses shut down; many of them are now permanently close.
Their friend is stuck in quarantine for at least a week because the building next to hers had a positive case.
Cash and cards have disappeared. It’s currently impossible to live in China without a smartphone. Amazing.
>Why would you want to visit China after seeing how they treat their citizens with this fake covid theater bullshit? Imagine being caught up in that.
Because people with good passports can usually go to countries with shitty authoritarian governments and still enjoy themselves since they can always go home when the times get tough.
What makes you think that China is opening up? Still the same Covid bullshit going on.
Why the fuck would anybody want to go to that shithole?
If you don't get eaten by an escalator you'll die from gutter oil
>Why the fuck would anybody want to go to that shithole?
To collect flags [hard mode rules]. Banging a girl doesn't get you a flag unless it happens in her home country.
>Yes, I've been to over 30 cities/towns/villages in >5 yrs of living there
>Play mahjong, go out to eat/drink, travel
>Yes but mainly at the bottom end, as in, a bowl of beef noodles was maybe 12-14rmb in 2017 Shanghai and now its like 20
>No, and you won't unless you do something retarded

On the mask point - NO, not ever except in airports trainstations or hospitals UNTIL 2022. Not sure if people get that China didn't really do memevid (other than border closure) until this year but now they've gone crazy with it. So before 2020-21 it was paradise but this year horrific lockdowns and if not locked down, constant forced testing, masking.

I think an exception to that rule should be given for NK girls, which afaik you can realistically only get in northern china
You know, the leftover girl phenomenon in china really fascinates me.
How could a country, who has far more men than women, allow men to be so picky?
>I think an exception to that rule should be given for NK girls, which afaik you can realistically only get in northern china
Where there's a will, there's a way. Gonna say it wouldn't be worth it overall.
They aren't, its a mismatch where the leftover women are big city girlbosses and the excess men are manual laborers
same shit worldwide, "empowered" women making up like 60% of grads then refusing to date anyone "below" them
File: 1652467167601.jpg (143 KB, 836x1024)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Oh ok, so who are the ones being smug and saying stuff like "who needs a girl with a degree." Boomers? Because I've heard thats a common sentiment over there.
I knew that leftover girls were typically career women, and thought china might be my opportunity to be a househusband.
These stereotypes are all like 10 years old now.... ironically the gutter oil thing startted in Taiwan.
what's the name of that city somewhere in western china that's in the middle of a gorge?
Im not sure anyone is saying that, I think Vice just made that up for the 'leftover women' episode if that's where you're getting it from. Everything in there was just the typical girlboss projecting nonsense on why they can't get a bf

In reality, Chinese relationships are extremely pragmatic, so educated white collar workers generally seek out someone of the same status to maximize household income potential

Perhaps the underclass men don't want a girl with a degree, but that's not a misogynistic thing, its just that they're literal peasants and a degree won't make the girl anymore useful in the fields (and they know such girls are out of reach for them anyway)

Chongqing or maybe Yangshuo?
Anyone go recently? I'm leaving from NYC and thinking about going through Europe for a cheaper flight. I'm thinking about staying in Amsterdam for a night and flying out the next day. Is it going to be hard to get a pcr test in Amsterdam?

From what I understand you need a negative test 48 hours before you board your flight to China.
Can't really find an English video because of Jewtube censorship.
Stay safe if you somehow make it in.

I believe it. Despite heavy censorship and literal indoctrination by the state, the Chinese students I’ve spoken to seem less brainwashed and more capable of having a rational discussion on current issues than any person I’ve met on campus.
black nigga here.
>These stereotypes are all like 10 years old now.... ironically the gutter oil thing startted in Taiwan.
>Yes, I've never been to China or Taiwan. How can you tell?!!
I lived in China for almost 7 years (on and off) and Taiwan for one so...
Anyone been to Guangzhou or Shenzhen before? I have been to HK and I feel like I could dive deeper into the "real" China
Shenzhen sucks, nothing to see or do, just a big new sprawl city

Guangzhou is fun, good food. Depends on what you like. Overall neither of these cities rank very high for me in China but without question GZ > SZ
I like gritty places, I enjoyed exploring the ghettos of kowloon and the seedy spots. I also like history and street food. And culture.
In that case Guangdong province as a whole is a great call, personally I’d skip Shenzhen, and you can go to smaller cities beyond Guangzhou as your comfort level permits (of course pending border reopening, unless you have/can obtain biz visa)
Shenzhen is fine. Just a cleaner and newer version of Guangzhou. Worth seeing.
File: 03a34d60.png (90 KB, 362x346)
90 KB
X1 visas can get in already.
Any news when X2 can get too?
No news at all. While they did ease up entry restrictions (less quarantine, less bullshit test), they did harshen up domestic restrictions. Things are not looking too good at the moment.

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