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/trv/ - Travel

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File: What a deal.jpg (70 KB, 1487x395)
70 KB
Holy crap, it's really worth going to Japan right now!
Molly molly!

Wowza! even.
Jeepers creepers

I'm headed there in a few weeks
Holy guacamole! On my way
'Ebin awesome! You guys coming with me?
I can’t even tell on which levels this shitpost is trolling.

Surely no functioning real adult is actually shocked by a meal costing $100. You can spend that much (or a lot more) almost anywhere in the developed world. And you don’t have to do it three times a day. A bowl of ramen starts at like $4 and maxes out at less than $10, and devout cheapskates can live on convenience store takeaway.

I think it’s bizarre that Japan has held on to a reputation for being crazy expensive since the economic boom of the 1980s; apart from a few things in a few places prices are actually mostly quite normal rich-world prices.
t. nerd
100 yen is less than a dollar its just google translate being the classic piece of shit it always is
Dang, I wasn’t even paying attention to the moonrunes side of the translation. Ignore everything I said >>2362774 here. It’s all still true but irrelevant.
Bejeezus! Buckle up Bukaroos! We goin to Nipponland!
is this a "do dododo do do do do" oriental riff audio cue or a *gong* "yoooooo" *tiktiktik* audio cue?
nah it's the japanese pentatonic scale in koto
>"yoooooo" *tiktiktik*

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