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File: Iceland.jpg (501 KB, 1600x1062)
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I'm planning on going to Iceland for new year with my girlfriend. You have any good recommendation? Cool places and stuff. If you have any bad experience about Iceland, that is also welcome.
Also, are they english friendly like other EU countries?
My experience was a cattle-drive on horseback across 160km of volcanic wasteland and swampy wetlands but from what I learned I have a few suggestions;

Iceland is expensive so bring about twice as much cash as you would in any other Western country.
Everybody speaks English, even the 65 year old shepherds.
There's lots of bugs out on the hiking trails in summer. Like millions. Bring DEET.
The weather can turn on a dime so wear lots of light layers instead of one heavy coat.

Lots of spas near Reykjavik that are supposedly word-class with one being in a cove overlooking a part of the sea that has whales so that must be p cool.
The food is special but definitely good. Mostly imported stuff over the course of 60 years because nothing fucking grows on Iceland anyway so it's lots of sheep and Skje (or whatever the yoghurt is called).
Lots of hot springs.
Lots of glaciers to spot even from the highways.
In winter you'll have a lot of roads closed to any vehicle except heavy-duty 4x4's so if you'll be driving anywhere between now and, say, April, I'd rent one of those.

About a third of all air-traffic in Reykjavik is from the States so anything around that city will be used to you (if you're American).
Nice write-up do you have any restaurant suggestions?
Taco Bell (if you don't have them in your country/state)
Rent a car and explore. My favourite town was Siglufjordur.
If you are there for New Year’s Eve: go to high ground in central Reykjavík around 2200-2300. It’ll be dead as they’re all watching sone lame TV comedy thing. They’ll then come out for midnight and start launching a huge collection of fireworks. All Icelanders will do this. It is like a war zone.

Everyone except sone old dudes in very rural parts speaks English. Don’t worry about it.

You’ve heard of the Blue Lagoon. It’s crap. An expensive tourist trap. Go to the Sky Lagoon in Reykjavík itself. Every wee village has a geothernally heated pool you can go in for about £5.

How long are you going for, are you renting a car? Reykjavík is literally worth only a day trip but you see sone fabulous stuff driving around. Main roads will be passable outside of literal blizzards and even then you can pick your way through the roads with care.
entire place is boring AF. people are weird and cold
File: 1574128046202.png (334 KB, 500x458)
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Somebody shared this years ago: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1BgXYOB_5zJr8nXzcyHqzQe9eb1A&ll=64.48292237253769%2C-20.045223399708217&z=8
It's extensive but some of it may be outdated though.

I would recommend not spending too much time in Reykjavik. But since you are visiting in the middle of winter, I can't in good conscience recommend you to drive in the wilderness of Iceland.
However if you are comfortable with driving in rough winter conditions you should rent a car to go to the main tourist stuff in the southern part of the country.

Check this out Þþ, Ðð, Öö, Ææ,
Just popping in to mention that the yoghurt is called skyr, otherwise an excellent summary of the Scandinavian version of Australia:)
I'm gonna be in Iceland on New Year's Eve. What can I do to celebrate? I know some places close down.
Where will you be? Reykjavík fireworks are based
Yes, but I can't look at fireworks the whole day.
Why would you take sand to the beach?
is the best time to see the northern lights in feb or march?
Best way is rent a car and 7+ days do the ring.

IMO don’t miss Sandholt, Reykjavik Roasters, Seljavallalaug.
Any time from the autumn equinox through to the spring one is good for aurora. You also need cloud free skies and no light pollution as well as aurora activity. I have had to explain to people before that the aurora aren’t on a schedule, they just happen at the whim of Mother Nature
Is it easy to get laid in Iceland? Aren't the girls in Reykjavik massive drunk whores and it's the STD capital of the world?

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