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I might be stranded in San Diego for 5 days and am considering just getting a hotel in TJ instead to save money. If i stay in zona norte or centro will i get murdered? probably won't go out doing anything crazy. The news is unclear and worthless about this, i heard something about them blocking roads?
By the time you pay money to get on a bus/rent a car to mexico+hotel that close to the boarder+time and energy spent you could simply get a Extended Stay or Motel 6 in SD for same price if not cheaper after all said and done.

You won't get killed that close to the boarder as a white dude, just ripped off in terms of things. Most people who are "robbed" simply got too drunk and talked into stupid shit.
Do not, I repeat, do not stay in Zona Norte. You can go to the hookers bars on Coahuila street but don't go past Coahuila st. And actually staying at the hooker hotel the whole time seems shitty. Zona Rio is the nice part of town. You can stay there, Agua Caliente, Cacho or Centro those are all ok areas but Centro is crowded and noisy. You could also stay in Playas though it's far. Or go to Ensenada by bus (ABC) it's a nice city.
You can literally take public transit to the border anon. From there is a 10 minute taxi ride to anywhere in central TJ.
what is wrong with zona norte?
tijuana is safe as fuck. last time i was there i could barely walk i was so trashed. had great time drinking all day. winning bets at the casino. drinking all night. went to HK a palace. great place

it’s not going to save you any money. there’s cheap places in san diego
Its one of the more dangerous parts of the city (aside from the obvious squatter settlements). The part where the hookers are is fine but past that is very ghetto. They tried to rob a friend of mine there, he wasn't going for hookers he was looking for a muffler shop and speaks spanish.
planning on going down there soon too, solely to fuck hookers though ngl

how can I figure out if my phone will work when I'm down there? I heard that if someone calls your number it will have a different ring?? sounds like bullshit but I'm going to be lying to everyone (coworkers, my parents that I live with) about where I'm going so that would completely ruin my plans
How does Tijuana compare to Juarez? That is the other city I've been to ('m OP. Also I'm gay, so not interested in hookers unless they are guys.)
Tijuana is not safe. Statistically, it's the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere of the world. There are 2,000+ reported murders there every year. The actual murder rate is much higher because many people just go missing and they don't report those are murder.

By comparison, Chicago has about the same population and they typically have about 600 murders per year. And no one considers Chicago a safe city. Imagine a city with a murder rate that's 5 times worse than Chicago.
> Statistically, it's the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere of the world.
But considering actual, real-world risk based on abstract aggregate statistics is stupid. Yes, a lot of people get killed in Tijuana (and other Mexican cities). But almost none of these people are random American tourists doing nothing sketchy. OK, the odd fool might end up in a wrong place/wrong time crossfire situation, but virtually all of the skajillions of other murder victims are people who have run afoul of a large criminal gang, which isn’t that easy to do by accident.

If you’re not trying to buy or sell or move drugs or people, your risk of assassination in Tijuana is scarcely higher than it is in most American cities.

Your risk of getting mugged at gunpoint is probably a lot higher, but those people have no interest in acquiring a murder rap over your iPhone.
Anyone want to duo in tijuana next week i have a week off and have never been but would like to go. Bang some whores with bros
You’re partially correct you won’t get killed but it’s not a first world country we like to joke but my brother went to Western Europe For college and never had the police shake him down and search under his balls for drugs like Tijuana
>I heard that if someone calls your number it will have a different ring??
I think so... idk. That's not consequential though. Have you heard the british ring when you call a number there?
Check with your carrier. I have I t-mobile and the plan I have works seamlessly in Mexico no extra charge for text or voice but there's a data cap (its unlimited in the US). It used to be you could pick up San Diego cell networks in TJ but with gps my phone instantly connects to a Mexican network when I cross.
File: tijuana.png (932 KB, 1271x848)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
You're taking out of your ass. American tourists are highly targeted in Tijuana. There are organized kidnapping rings in the city and no one has ever been caught or arrested.

The article is about Americans LIVING in Tijuana. Which I agree is dangerous. As a tourist you're less likely to be targeted for a kidnapping than say someone who has a business and leaves after hours and returns to an empty house a routine that can be exploited. Common 3rd world sense should be enough to be safe- try to use taxis from a taxi queue (these are common) instead of hailing them (or Uber), avoid any streets that are deserted, stick to major streets, don't walk down dead end roads or alleys during the day, avoid walking across the city at night, don't travel by bus, get dropped off close to your destination, look before you open a door to leave or let someone in a building, lock the doors, stuff like that. Also with cops don't let them intimidate you, be polite but firm that you're not breaking the law. They aren't going to just shoot you or even actually arrest you there's tons of people that actually get caught being stupid for them. They usually harass people that look obviously scared of drunk.

Tijuana is safe enough to visit and a lot of people go there but it's like Rio or Bogota or Manila where a lot of shit happens and you have to take extra precautions.
Contrast this to San Diego though which is right across the border where I can go to any neighborhood and not expect any problems.
>not consequential though
Dude has that ever happened to you? Like what would you do if you told everyone you were going to California for business, and then they call you and hear the Mexican dial tone?? They'd know instantly.

Maybe you're lucky enough to not have to lie to anyone in your life about cooming, but I definitely do. Thanks for the tip about t-mobile though, I have the same thing. I'll just have to figure something out.
Debating going to TJ for dental work. I don't need anything complicated. All I need are fillings, but every dentist I go to in the US insist they won't work on my mouth unless I get a deep cleaning first and that alone is $1k since they charge by quadrant
Dude that's autistic AF. There's a longer delay and the ring seems to have a different pitch on international calls but normal people don't pay attention to that shit. Example: my mom calls "can you come over?" No not today mom I'm in Mexico rn. "Oh I didn't know you were going can you pick me up some of Viagra for your stepdad." Ok not the last part but you get the idea. Plus you can just say you're seeing a dentist like >>2331870.
I don't go for that though there's a dentist in SD I like and he's pretty reasonable only charges me $80 for a regular cleaning and x-ray.
HAHA you too?? I remember I got so fucked up in a club near Hong Kong and I still managed to get to my hotel room unscathed and with all my things intacts, my buddies were trying to call me asking me where I am, leaving voicemails of sheer terror and panic thinking i got kidnapped or left in a ditch LMAO still makes me giggle to this day.
Murders of their own kind, the monkeys, and not actual people from actual countries.
Deep cleanings in TJ I think were $40, much cheaper for sure. I've had great experiences at Washington Dental which is in the main downtown street, for more complicated work you will need to book appointments, but still plenty of places for cheap dental procedures.

As to OP's question, you will NOT save money. It's cheaper to stay at a hostel in. For actual TJ perspective, as someone who lives 2 miles from there, and knows many friends and family who live on the other side, like stated in the above, as long as you don't live in a shithole colonia, looking for drugs, or being an easy mark for theft/cops. (jewelry, nice clothes, etc) you will more than likely not be messed with.
Why is this style of bridge everywhere now? International architecture trends were a mistake.
I'm down to go in two weeks.
Would be down for this week, but I have several important things I have to take care of.
File: dont lie.jpg (167 KB, 963x582)
167 KB
167 KB JPG

The article says nothing about citizens vs tourists. Why are you lying?

If the thought of organized kidnapping doesn't convince you, look at the fucking murder rate. Mexico is a fucking epic shithole
welcome to tijuana tequila sexo marijuana
Is zona rio safe? Gonna be walking around and not doing any whore stuff with some girls from tinder
And by non whore stuff i mean ordering whores by phone and not going to the club. Is this a good idea?
WTF is pedwest still closed? is it even worth it to use the other pedestrian crossing

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