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Im a guy 29y old and have no idea how the fuck you can make male friends in my city/country or any other country i go.
Only thing i can do is small talk with other males.

With women its different and desu unusually easy. I can easily befriend a woman becuz all i do is flirt a little and eventually it can also lead to sex even
the same day or over a course of days and after its even more easy to stay in contact.

Im not into guys and dont want to have sex with males, i just wanna find bros to hang out with
Any advice anons?

Also which city is most fun to travel solo, my main goal is to party 24/7 and make legendary memories
>Im a guy 29y old and have no idea how the fuck you can make male friends in my city/country or any other country i go.

You don't, you got friends either from Family, school, your kid neighborhood or working. if you have no friends at 29yo, then you're fucked.

>I can easily befriend a woman but i just wanna find bros to hang out with

Sorry but you are gay my dude...

>Also which city is most fun to travel solo, my main goal is to party 24/7 and make legendary memories

you can party in your hometown, no need to travel if your goal is to drink some beers.

Just one question, are you autist?
>You don't, you got frien...
Stopped reading there, incels are boring and will just spam bbc posts
Where are you from?
Amsterdam is one of those cities where it's very easy to make connections in one of the countless hostels, even if you aren't into cannabis and prostitution.
Until 2020 you could also party 24/7, maybe they toned that down because the locals certainly didn't like it that much.
At least, i tried to answer OP, What the fucking point of your post?

Why don't you explain him how to make male friends instead?
the answer to all of your questions is to learn an instrument and join a band
even in these sterile times it is the gateway to adventure
I don't understand people who want to travel to socialize and make party.

how drinking or smoking will give you legendary memories, wtf? you are 29 not 17...

I think travel is not for you, travel should be about discovering a country and discovering yourself, not discovering some 30's grown man who will talk about their sexual conquests and how their life is so good/bad.
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>Telling others how to live life
Can u fuckoff already back to plebbit, grandpa

I got colleagues that travel 2-3times a year to philipnes for orgies with 18-26y old girls, and this men are in their 50s
>Bragging how your friends brag that they are incel losers who take 20 hour flights to fuck diseased whores
>Calling work colleagues friends
Really grandpa can u fuckoff already
They enjoy life compared to u
This post is horseshit. Millions of people relocate to new cities and countries and have to build their social networks from scratch.

The only thing you need to do is to get your foot in the door by finding one male or female friend, and then meeting their circle of friends and befriending whoever you get along with, and then repeat the process to meet even more new people
OP said he have no problem to find female friends, still can't have male friends, your post is horseshit, all your friends have friends, still they aren't yiur friends right ? You speak like a fucking low budget book "how to make friends"
Are you a little dense or something? I didn't say that your friends entire social circle automatically becomes your friends. I said you use your existent friends to meet new people, and if you hit if off, you have another friend. Expanding your social network through existing friends is a lot easier than going out and trying to make new friends that you have no prior connection to
why even bother with this shitty trolling? you sound like you've never stepped outside of your mom's basement
You guys are all fucking ESLretards who don't have it figured out. Not saying I do but at least I'm not as retarded as all of you to know that I will never give up on cumming in an asian girls butthole ladyboy or otherwise. Yes I want aids and yes I would like monkeypox on the cocks
>.t Julia Roberts

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