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I'm flying to Madrid next week, and I'll be there for a whole week. Looking for your recommendations, I'm mostly interested in history and art. I plan on visiting El Prado, the Reina Sofia, Thyssen and Sorolla museums. Anything else of interest in that sense?

I'm also looking for cool daytrips (nothing more than 1-2 hours by train/bus) around the area. Toledo is on my list, but is there anything else I shouldn't miss?

Any cool bookshops to check out? In spanish or english, I'm fluent in both languages. Any cool bars? I'm always up for a nice drink. Any nice cafes?

Thanks, guys.
>spend a few months working in Madrid because dad did the same thing and loved it
>half of the population are unwelcoming 4’ Aztecs and Muslims
>citizens are welcoming but spend 70% of the time drunk or drinking
>young kids dress like they want to look like reggaeton Aztec singers or complete whores
>average salary is 1000€ a month
>a night out with basic, non over the top diner and drinks is 100€
>no free museums, everything is 15-20€ and above
>city is almost 3rd world country dirty, Saturday and Sunday mornings you can even see pukes and shits on some streets

Avoid Madrid as the plague anon, Toledo, segovia and Avila are far superior cities. The north side of the country is a lot better in terms of cities and people, big cities in Spain are shit holes
Royal Palace is nice to visit as well. I also visited the Archaeological Museum. The neighborhood in which it is located was great. Most memorable thing was the food. Visit food markets, these are great.
I only did 2 days of Madrid though.
> Acts like tourist
> Does no research
> Gets had off like the gringo he is

You have no idea what you're talking about
I'll check out the Royal Palace, thanks. I'm also interested in parks and other green spaces (the botanical garden is on my list) and churches (the big cathedral, forgot its name). Anything else in this area?
Where's the best places to meet up with Spanish girls?
girl's locker room
el escorial royal monestary

cordoba is less than 2hr fast train
i thought the fancy food market Mercado de San Miguel was way over priced, fancy stalls but meh food. there was good food going to random places in town

the big city park was cool, el retiro
there was some glass building that had an art exhibit by students, one painted a wojak
Which one?
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-Toledo is mandatory. Better if you can stay a night around there. Seriously, dont skip toledo (1h from madrid)
-El Escorial is nice too especially if you are interested in art and architectury. (50m from madrid)
Chocolateria San Gines was really nice for churros and chocolate the first time I went, the second time wasn't as nice but it was very quiet which might explain. El Retiro was really nice, as the other anon said the glasshouses have interesting art as well. Despite being nowhere near the sea the seafood is amazing too
Any nice cemeteries to visit? And second-hand bookshops or antique shops?
>no free museums
Bullshit there are free days at some and free hours even at Prado. Larp harder you degenerate coomer faggot.
If I remember correctly, entrance to Prado is free every day for the last hour. Haven't checked the others but I'm sure they also have free days.
Ah yeah I remember Spaniards having low English level as well
Go to Mercado de la paz and go to Casa Dani (the one inside the market) and get some tortillas and pigs ears.
Is that you, Dani boy?

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