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File: firefox_oxOWfmCFAY.png (590 KB, 809x482)
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is this place good?
how are the people?
I'm thinking about applying to jobs in Pittsburgh
They're yankees. Get ready for insane levels of incompetence, corruption, and aloofness
It's Amerikkka, a commie shithole full of fat roasties, fat coloreds and thin Asians, all who hate you and have privilege over you under the law
yeah, but I'm tired of living in the piss poor south
maybe miami wouldn't be that bad, but I've never lived in a majority hispanic area

I would be more worried about not being able to make friends, because I assume everyone is some cringe bugboy
I get along with people well, but it would be lonely not having anybody to hang out with irl
Niggas invasion there, go Idaho before it's too late...
Southwest PA is comfy
Somewhat contained in their own neighborhoods in Pittsburgh like homewood, wilkinsburg etc
> southern
> applying to jobs
you want texas unless you're stunning and brave, if so then go ahead and move to pittsburgh
Pittsburgh's a great city, decent work for the area, cheap, good people (sarcastic, but not assholes), not overly PC away from the universities, but they mostly keep in their little area.
Very sport focused city, good Italian, Polish, Greek food

Winter's can be tough if you're not used to them, a car is necessary, and the roads are comically laid out due to the mountains and rivers
Biden is shipping thousands to Idaho, can't have nice white communities in the commie shithole of America
I grew up in York County. It was a Baltimore sleeper area before nogs moved in. But honestly, 90% of PA is closer to Ohio than the northeast. Cornfields with trucks flying confederate flags and such. There were three gun races in walking distance of my house in a town of 15000. Take this info as you will. And since it is a commonwealth, the variation of laws between counties is vast in some cases. I remember in highschool Philly decrimalized an ounce of weed where as at the same time in my town wine and liquor were state run, and it was illegal for beer stores to sell less than a 12 pack, before then, illegal to buy less than a case to curb alcohol consumption. It can be a beautiful state with the Poconos and some parts of Appalachia, but for the most part bland corn fields. The western part of the state is almost entirely different. Just what I remember growing up there for a vague shitty summary.

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