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File: DPAW345677.jpg (71 KB, 600x401)
71 KB
Leaving the West general thread.

I live in the USA, how do i get out of this corrupt shit-hole for greener pastures?
Just keep walking south until you hit Mexico
Travel until you find somewhere you like. Then figure out how to move there.
You won't because you do nothing but make larp threads
>did you learn foreign language?
did you learn a trade skill?
>did you learn engineering or medicine?
>did you travel to the place you want to escape to?
>did you talk to people that have travelled to that place?
>do you plan on traveling to that place or talking to people who have been there
>do you have any life goals or aspirations?
Ok. So what is it you are expecting from this magical "non-western" non-english speaking place you’ve never been to and never talked to anyone who has been there? God. You sound like such a fucking loser.
A butthurt muttmerican
>learn a foreign language meme

Easiest way to spot someone who never left mommies basement
Obviously you will get shit on for saying it, because this board is filled with people that fit your description.
If you don’t have at least a few of the following: in-demand skill, knowledge of the country, significant savings, grasp of the language, connections in said country, you have no business dreaming of ‘leaving the west’.
Ironically; the same losers that shit on unskilled migrants coming to their country
File: 1659596554836857.png (944 KB, 800x564)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
Ignore any retard that says you need special skills, foreign languages, experience with the country, etc. People try to overcomplicate things but this is really easy.
Apply to colleges in countries you want to go to, they dont even have to be high ranked ones, just apply to ones that offer programs in english, you will get accepted because theyre desparate for american international student money, once you're accepted youre now on the path to easy citizenship.
>website to help you find bachelors programs
>webite to help you find masters programs

t. Reddittard simping for criminals of colour
>t. upcoming criminal of color that hates criminals of color
fuck off wetback the world is full. stay in your american shithole
>once you're accepted youre now on the path to easy citizenship.
what is this nigger talking about? college is at least 3 years in any decent country, and student residence never counts towards citizenship in any country, so you'd have to add the 5-10 years of continuous residence and tax payments as an unskilled monkey to even be considered for that.
how about you increase your self worth by learning a language, a skill or bringing significant investment capital instead of being a freeloading nigger refugee
File: 1654578658427.jpg (217 KB, 1242x1394)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
You'll keep trying to find ways to overcomplicate it because thats what you want to do to try and keep people from leaving america, but:
>get accepted into university
>use those 3-4 years to learn the language and do well in your program
>apply for jobs before graduating, then get a work permit
Congrats you're now done with the process, find a wife to shorten the residency time or do what you want in your new country
>just wait 5 years and marry someone bro it's not complicated
>le reddit muscular man.jpg
You think someone who makes has the money or will to do any of those things would be here making le ebil west threads? If they did, they would have googled this and started long ago and they wouldn't even need to ask anybody because even though the process is long, it's quite straightforward, and immigration lawyers do most of the paperwork for you.

You keep making excuses while putting 0 effort on your goals mr meme spewer.
File: 1657725246836.jpg (51 KB, 1024x578)
51 KB
>just wait 5 years and marry someone bro it's not complicate
Correct, spending 5 years working in the country you want to become a citizen of is very easy, and finding a wife is an optional sidequest that will shorten the waiting for citizenship to 3 years
>You keep making excuses while putting 0 effort on your goals mr meme spewer
I have done all the advice I gave, which is how i escaped america and got into sweden
I know youre trying your best to troll and muddy up the process because youre afraid of americans coming to your country, but just know, more of us ARE coming and I will guide them.
It's not that hard to move to another country you're right the hard part for those "escaping" is integration, these are also the same type of people who move to Japan, Scotland, France or Korea to become disillusioned and move back after a year or so then lament their failures for the rest of their life. It takes some who truly has no roots or don't care about their roots to leave. Those who are leaving cos they dislike their current country will be back. I don't know who OP is, but the amount of people I know who has said something similar and ended up returning to the US or the UK after a year abroad in their chosen country is pretty staggering.
Why did you choose Sweden? Do you like it? I'm choosing Poland to enact your plan (I'm an engineer rn, gonna get my masters in Poland then work there). leaving soon.
lol at the retard saying it's impossible or too hard. but I also have significant savings from investing so I don't really need to work which makes things easier
I chose sweden because the universities offer a ton of programs taught in english, and it has the things that i want that america doesnt have like safe affordable clean cities with good public transportation. My gf is also from sweden which makes things easier.
There are definitely plenty of good options in europe though, this just happened to be the most convenient one for me.
All engineering degrees except math, statistics, ai, cs, EE and business are useless.
If you majored in anything els, you will only have the pro of maths.

I studied chemical engineering, shit is fucking useless in terms of experience you can take around the world
You need a better degree next go around anon.
>student residence never counts towards citizenship
In many EU countries it counts, while it's still west it's a massive upgrade compared to US
File: malmo.jpg (166 KB, 1081x1047)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>safe affordable clean cities
You're just 20 years too late

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