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File: connecticut.jpg (173 KB, 1150x887)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
What is there to do here?
File: 1632854438846.png (577 KB, 652x620)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
Mystic is cool, and there are a couple of gigantic casinos (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun). Beyond that, little to nothing. You could safely partition it between n*w y*rk, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and no one would be the wiser.
Anything to do around Hartford? I really want to meet a millennial woman who is a weirdo like me. Not sure where I should go exploring.
Hartford is one of the worst cities in New England. In fact, all the larger cities in CT are shit tier, and since NE is small, I will throw in Providence as also shit, and Springfield MA

The casinos are neat once or twice, Mohegans is better across the board... I grew up just off the road that connects the two. Mystic is comfy. I do like Newport RI and seeing the gilded age mansions on the beach there.
Ok, but how do people meet in central CT? I mean, people do somehow get married and have children in this state. As a 32 year old single guy, what are some good places to go to in order to approach single women?

I'm from the Midwest originally and we would hear stereotypes about New Englanders being cold and reserved but I didn't think it was actually true. Even when I go for a walk in the park and say hi to passersby, I often get stared at as if I did something wrong.

I've been here only a few months and I'm already considering moving.
File: 1659128949167246.png (216 KB, 500x402)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
CT is the ass of New England, literally go to any other state. Massachusetts and Rhode Island have better history and beaches, New Hampshire and Vermont have better wilderness, Maine has better... meth or something idk Maine is kinda shitty too.
>Hartford is one of the worst cities in New England. In fact, all the larger cities in CT are shit tier, and since NE is small, I will throw in Providence as also shit, and Springfield MA
Come on now. Providence is way, way better than those two absolute shitholes. No comparison.
>wear a vinyard vines shirt
>go to bars
>don’t be ugly
Bada bing bada boom
I’m also from the midwest and living in ct, I think people are far more aloof/materialistic here
Take the train to Manhattan
File: 1650297315704.jpg (16 KB, 394x390)
16 KB
>vinyard vines
That faggy prepcore brand is only worn by homos
Yeah and everyone in this state creams their pants over it for some reason
>Yale graduate student/professor
>ESPN employee in Bristol (or WWE in Stamford)
>Finance bro making tons of cash at one of those gold coast hedge funds
These are the only contexts where I could see a younger adult (21-35) being excited to be in Connecticut. It's not that it's the worst place in the world or anything like that it's just really not a "happening" spot. It's a state to raise kids in mainly.
>central CT?
>I'm already considering moving.
Yeah probably not the worst idea, there's fuck all to do in central CT.
>Maine has better....
Nature, coastline, gun laws, crime rates etc. I'm not saying Maine is incredible but at least it's a proper outdoorsy state unlike CT which is basically just a big suburb with some lame small "cities."
Move to Portsmouth, NH:
Problem solved
Idiot. Just leave.

CT is not the place for an Up and coming young White man.

Florida or Texas
>I think people are far more aloof/materialistic here
yeah, I completely agree.

As for not being ugly, well not much I can do. I'm in my 30s and not aging well. I used to be a decent-looking guy before I lost my hair but now that I'm bald, I don't look very appealing. Only thing I can really do is stay in shape.
>Florida or Texas
I don't think I could handle that heat. :(
File: cherry.jpg (61 KB, 768x768)
61 KB
Cherry Street Station. Cool dive bar in Wallingford with live music. Mostly punk, hardcore, and metal.
File: kayak_ct.jpg (129 KB, 880x660)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Kayaking on the Connecticut River.
Look at all those fat fucks
I'm from Bridgeport and there's not much to do here if you're not into skeazy nght scene stuff.
If you want cheap hookers though we've got those in spades, like literally a 2 minute walk down the street is an Asian massage parlor for me, which is down the street from what used to be a strip club I could get laid at easily, which itself is down the street from a grimy little bar with a backroom you could get laid in if you're really desperate for smelly, STD riddled pussy.
Why don't you move
Because I already have a house here, have a well-paying job a couple of towns over, and in general I stay to myself anyways so I don't need to live in a place where there's a lot to do.
Ngl, would be nice to live in a place where I feel safe walking around at night, but there's not that many places in America like that anyways. I'd need to move to a first world country for that kind of safety.
OP here. With all due respect, I have no interest going anywhere near Bridgepor or any area with a high crime rate.

Fucking whores sounds tempting, but I travel a lot and I'd rather just do that in some European country where it's legal and the women are a lot hotter. Besides, I'm looking to settle with someone. I'm getting old and I need a life partner.

Still looking for some interesting places around the Hartford area to meet weirdo women. I tried going to some board games store recently but that place was full of fat dudes and no women.
Damn, even people not from CT feel it necessary to shit on Bridgeport.

For all of those not from here -- It's really not that bad if you don't live here and walk around regularly, It's not like the bad parts of Chicago or Detroit, It's just a really hideous city that looks more dangerous than it is.
Yeah, send him to spic country. That will be so much better.
All CT cities are shit. Tourists are much better off going to Mystic, New London, or some other little seaside town where they can walk around touristy little shops, see the shore, or take a ferry to one of the islands. Though you have more impressive beaches further east in RI or MA
Rhode island as a whole is a massive dump. Its literally there to launder money
It used to have legal prostitution. Funny how 49 states just love cucking men.
If it's any consolation, I don't like CT in general. People here are rude and I'm not a fan of the reserved attitude I constantly come across.

It's a shame because CT has some great companies to work at for folks with STEM backgrounds. It's not enough to persuade me to stay here though. I'm moving back to the Midwest as soon as I get a decent job offer.
File: 1639203712325.png (673 KB, 918x700)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
If you're going to Connecticut, be sure to check out Mianus. You'd be surprised what you might find in Mianus. I recommend people go into Mianus at least once in their lives.
File: sally.png (177 KB, 571x380)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Supposedly New Haven has the best pizza in the country.

Any pizzerias you recommend besides Sally's?
File: 1652884813059.jpg (329 KB, 1400x1050)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Frank Pepe's is supposed to be good. A lot of people recommend the White Clam Pie.
any advice on how to get laid with a decent-looking woman for a bald semi-ugly guy in his thirties?

my balls are turning blue here. any good bars or other places around hartford to fly solo in?
How similar is New England to the original?

This anecdote >>2295933 about getting looked at like a weirdo for talking to strangers is making me think that there may be more similarities than just then name.
>getting looked at like a weirdo for talking to strangers is making me think that there may be more similarities than just then name.

Maybe London isn't the best example, but when I went for walks there, it seemed fairly common for random people to greet me.
I can't believe you're gonna try to do Providence like that, anon. Providence has actual soul, on many levels. Hartford and Springfield are basically fake.

A girl from just over the border in MA used to send me nudes, every single day like clockwork. We never even met, she just sent me nudes every day for 3 years. One day she sperged out about me taking screenshots, but not before I had literally 900+ nudes of her.
She got knocked up and has a kid+husband now, so that's basically it, I think, send a lot of nudes and marry whoever knocks you up.
(all whites in this story btw)

New England was settled by Puritans. In my experience the actual English are way more chill.
Providence is based
I didn't know Rhode Island had legal prostitution until 2009. Real shame they made it illegal.
I went to East Lyme high school in the mid 90s
File: coomer.png (605 KB, 317x487)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
anyone know what the situation is with legalization or decriminalization of prostitution in New York? I've been hearing for at least a year now that the state legislature might make drastic changes to prostitution laws.

Would be pretty sweet living in a peaceful state like CT and having the option to drive next door for a little coom.
File: 1640475728375.png (5 KB, 344x106)
5 KB
I am not the "diseased whore" shitposter, but I'm just wondering if he won't show up if I mention "diseased whore(s)" in my post. This is a test post.

Diseased whore
Diseased whores

End of test. If you see the actual "diseased whore" shitposter, his posts actually violate Global Rule 6. Do what you will with that information.
How did you like growing up there?
It was comfy but we didn't have a lot of money(dad was Navy) and it was kinda stuck up. No niggers was very nice though
these niggas really only have 8 counties?
Look at all these great suggestions for things to do. Such an exciting state.
Mystic Marine life Aquarium, Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, Devils Hopyard state park(haunted), peabody museum of natural history at Yale. Dozens of fire clamshacks on the coastline, Sallys Apizza, the two largest casinos in north america

Go fuck yourself
>Devils Hopyard state park(haunted)

What do you mean by haunted? What's the story behind that?
Since your google is broken I did it for you

File: talcott-mountain.jpg (1.97 MB, 5456x3632)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
You can find something to do no matter where you live, you just have to put in the effort. There isn't some obvious thing in the state that will provide you with entertainment, which means you have to be an interesting person yourself, and have money for hobbies: take up biking (trails not roads), boarding, fishing, kayaking, golfing, etc.
Nice towns to meet friends and dates for lunch/coffee:
*Farmington - Canal Heritage Trail
*Simsbury - Metacomet Trail, Talcott Mountain
*Barkhamsted - reservoir
*Middletown - restaurants, arts, food
*New Haven - restaurants, arts, food
*Coastline from Clinton to Old Saybrook
*Niantic - old famous book store
*Fairfield county in general is interesting
*UCONN - Dairy bar, Haunted Depot
*Go for a drive - Google: "Connecticut scenic roads"
*Fall things: Apple picking, pumpkin patch, cider farms, leaf peeping, hiking
*The Big E is coming up next month (it's awesome, def check it out)
>Anything to do around Hartford?
Yes, Blue Back Square and West Hartford in general is nice, Elizabeth park has a walkable garden and places to eat, we just had CTCon a few weeks ago.
>Ok, but how do people meet in central CT?
Tinder, like everyone else.

Those who say CT is boring are typically boring themselves or poor. Personally, I'd only ever live here or Mass.
Bridgeport Anon, where do you usually hangout? I need to find some stuff to do in this city.
I feel this, Christ I can't even go out for a walk and smile at someone without getting a weird look. I'm moving south the moment I graduate
I have a rich friend who's been living full time with his family in Woodbury, CT since the covid lockdowns started and he's lost his mind with painting Warhammer 40k figurines
there's nothing to do in connecticut
Tinder isn't that great for older folks in CT. Most women in their thirties are married. The ones who aren't are usually fat single moms or mentally unstable.

Every person I know who has left CT has not regretted it.
Maybe you should stop being a degenerate living to coom, maybe that's why you always crying out in pain about how unsatisfying it is, find God or some higher purpose or healthy activity rather than simp for blown out diseased whores
I'm not looking for a hook-up on Tinder. I genuinely want to find a life partner to settle with. Someone weird like me and sort of nerdy, but not a 300 pound whale. Is that too much to ask for?

I don't even know where to look for someone like that though because no one has really given me any good suggestions for places to approach women who fit that description.
>Someone weird like me and sort of nerdy, but not a 300 pound whale. Is that too much to ask for?
Yes, if you are living in a simp country like the US, and even more if you're looking for one in male-majority Tinder (another sign of desperate simp coomer culture btw).
There used to be a connecticut couple on x-hamster that put up videos of the wife getting rammed by BBC. some of the hottest content I've ever seen.
did they have a name they went by?
CTer here, live in Madison

There’s an okay amusement park lake compounds in Bristol

Mystic aquarium is “okay”

There’s a quaint little ski slope mount southington in my old hometown

Hammonasset beach is pretty famous

Otherwise not much to do. Avoid the big cities they’re death traps

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