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Anyone here ever get annoyed by traveling? Is it a meme on this board just to waste money? I'm on vacation and currently having a shit time.
>Stay in hostel because I hear getting laid is easy
>don't drink and everyone else is get a beer dump it in the toliet fil it with water and pretend to drink
>next day everyone is hung over in the common room while they clean talking about food
>too autist to order food in a non english speaking country so order Domino's on my app
>get an XXL by accident
>everyone thinks I bought it for the group as I can see them get my pizza by the reflections in the window
>quickly walk back to a full room I booked as I don't want others in my room
>eat 3 slices and full
>Sneak out the back till late night
>try common room again no one there so bring my laptop down
>decide to play some Terraria since no one is here
>someone asks me if it's 2d minecraft and sperg out about how it is different
>catch myself and say I gotta charge my laptop
>get back to my room and realize my laptop charger is in the common room and was charging as I said it
>decide to get my mind off things and watch some anime
>didn't realize door doesn't block sounds so when grabbing a soda from the fridge I hear "who was watching anime porn, it was so loud HAHA"
>decide to leave hostel again and go to find a vending machine
>woman approaches and asks me if I want a good time
>give her 10£ and say have a good meal then
>she stares at me
>go back home and type this
Why is it so difficult to travel? This shit sucks and is a fucking meme
Fake and gay or terminal autism
I choose to believe it's the latter
I choose to believe it's both
A thread died for this
OP would be a complete and utter retard no matter where she goes
I can almost believe this story is true.
*cracks knuckles*
lets do this

>stays in hostel
>because getting laid is easy
>don't drink
>fill water uhhh
....fucking. LOL.
>too autist
who does this guy think he is
>gets hostel but avoids other people = ill get laid
>mega awkward laptop charger moment
>botched hooker interaction

yea you're just a supreme autist dude sorry. i recommend pattaya and hookers. I also don't understand why youd stay at a hostel if you're such a autistic retard. I absolutely hate people and come off as having brain damage but im nowhere near as retarded as you.
no this is true i can totally believe this
suace on brown elf?

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