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Hello friends, but sure that it is the right board for me.
I got my SWE job and moving to the Bay Area, what is the best place to live there? I live with wife, we are in our early 30th, but with the mentality of 20-25yo autists. We are not much into night live or restaurants or anything, but we like /out/, I like /o/, and we don't like diversity-related issues.
I personally like Fremont, because it is not ridiculously expensive as Valley, and only one bridge away from my new job, safe and boring. What about the Afghan community there? Is it that bad? I am from eastern Europe and taught not to expect anything good from churkas.
>highly paid coding dorker
>suckered into marriage at a young age due to not sampling a buffet of women when younger
>moves to coastal horror

part of me resents you for having the capacity to live out my dream (wfh in thailand and fuck g club girls every night)

but then you poor cold water on it by reminding me that most people don't take the unfathomable freedom and high income you have and do things like that. you do what literally any other landlocked faggot does and """settle down""" and get raped by taxes in a high COL.

i struggle psychological with this, but i can still chart my course, in spite of my deliberate and fateful avoidance of math or rigor in college
The Afghan community in Fremont is family-oriented, mostly educated, lower-middle class to wealthy, and runs a lot of great shops and restaurants. The sorts of people who could afford (and desire) to run away from the Soviet war, the Taliban, or both. My one Afghani friend from Fremont got an engineering degree from Berkeley and works somewhere on the Peninsula.

Parts of Fremont are a little sketchy, though. Visit prospective neighborhoods both by day and by night to make sure you feel comfortable (this is frankly true of almost anywhere in the Bay Area). You might also look at some of the towns in southern San Mateo County—Burlingame is very nice, a little boring, and an easy commute to either San Francisco or parts South. In that part of the peninsula pretty much only East Palo Alto is more ghetto than suburb, and even it is gentrifying fast with tech strivers.
FYI crossing that bridge can be horrendous depending on your time of day.
I highly recommend looking at the triangle marked out by Campbell, Los Gatos, and Cupertino in the S Bay. It's a little pricier than fReMoNt but you'll have fewer regrets i the longrun trust me, especially since it sounds like you'll be working at a company either in cupertino or mountain view
I will be working in Menlo Park, thanks for the advice. This region is indeed pricier, and I am not going to take a mortgage there yet, just live in a leased apartment for a year or two.
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Schizofornia in general sucks. If you're a SWE, why can't you find remote work that would allow you to live somewhere decent?

But if you insist on living in the Bay Area and "like /out/", my one recommendation is the western half of San Francisco. Ocean, fog, cool climate, charming, beautiful parks, Land's End/Sutro Baths has super nice ocean trails, and you get quick access to some stunning views on Highway 1. Plenty of Eastern Europeans and Russian/Ukrainian food in SF, too. Only the Mission, Castro, and Downtown/eastern areas are in your face and woke.

Everywhere else
- ≥ expensive, and you get way less bang for your buck
- soulless office spaces
- homeless encampments in every vacant lot and lining every green space along the freeways
- you're gonna need AC but so few places have it, unless you're interested in paying >3,000 a month on rent for yourself
- you need to drive daily
- $6 per gallon
- parking sucks
- people suck
- Silicon Valley is fucking depressing

Fremont fucking sucks, I lived there when I first moved to the Bay, thinking it would be a good midway point between SF and my work. It gets super hot there, even by Texas standards.

It's just desi techies with families. Excellent curry pizza, Indian, and Afghan food. But that's it. Downright dull, overpriced place to live unless you're a Brahmin class Indian dude on an H1-B visa with two kids and a fat wife.
Menlo Park is much further up the peninsula than i'm used to, Campbell/Los Gatos/Cupertino may make your commute unbearable. Consider diligently monitoring the commutes from various places for like a week via google maps during the hours you would be driving and see how much you can tolerate. I'm also an Eastern European autist-adjacent and thought I could tolerate living in Fremont/Milpitas but it was garbage and most enjoyed my time in Campbell, although I didn't go out much because of c0v!d.
Just live in Palo Alto, Cupertino, or Stanford. Everywhere else is a shit hole.
How'd you manage to move to California from East Europe? I'm interested in this
I got my phd degree from US university, had an internship in big tech, and am eligible for post-completion F1-OPT work authorization. But I do not recommend this path btw.
Thanks. And why would you not recommend this path? Is there a better one available?
I thought internships are only for undergrad fresh grads?
Also >>2242888
What are other ways of coming there? How long until you get your green card?
It is just not the best way you can spend 6 years. You have to work as a research/teaching assistant, and this job is really bad (compensation, wlb, work culture, career-wise) compared with SWE job (or just any other eng job) even in my homeland country. My wife had no work authorization for these 6 years at all, it is career suicide for her, and my grad student stipend is just not enough to cover the modest living expenses of a family of two unless you have some third-party finances (my parents helped me both financially and logistically - taking the responsibilities of a landlord renting out my apartment).
I would suggest you just to grind leet code, use your networking and spam big tech with your resume, you will probably win an h1b visa sooner than the graduate university phd program. Or you can go with F1 path and lie to your adviser and master out with work authorization after 2 years of phd program.
> I thought internships are only for undergrad fresh grads?
Consider phd student internship as a prolongated interview, grad students are usually offered l4 positions - like you have two years of US SWE experience.
> If you're a SWE, why can't you find remote work that would allow you to live somewhere decent?
I am not like 10+ faang yoe senior SWE and can choose any job I like, this is my first big boi job, I even had no EAD before.
I got a really good big tech offer and this is critical for my career to accept this offer regardless of rent, gas prices and parking in this area.
Thanks for the informative post anon. I'm Bulgarian so the chances of getting H1B are pretty low as most of them are given to Indians
There's other businesses in Menlo Park besides Meta?

You're probably FAANG worthy where you are now. Or you will be soon enough. The Bay Area's a super transient place, it's perfectly normal to hop ship after a year and end up at a FAANG company
I think visa restrictions prevent foreign from job hopping like American citizens.

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