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Where's the best place to go to LARp as a tribalist with a strong sense of community and culture? preferably in europe Georgia? Remote parts of scandinavia?

I want to see the simpler life closer to nature.
>b-but, you'll never fit in you dumb mutt, they are ingroup and won't care for some city cuck

I am aware but just want to see such a place so I can go backto being blackpilled by my lifestyle knowing such things exist
Maybe Poland, Ukraine, or Russia.
Ukraine is a good one, if only there weren't so many tanks
I'd say whatever you can blend in the most. Better if they speak English -- like the UK, Dutch or Scandinavia. It's impossible to really communicate with Georgians, etc. Seeing a place without being able to interact w/ the people there would probably hinder the experience you're going for.

As the others said, central and eastern europe are good for this. desu even Mexico and Turkey have nationalism/community/culture
There are places where people still practice a nomadic way of life and are receptive to
curious outsiders
Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have nomads that stay in Yurts and stuff, and you can stay with them and participate in their way of life
there are some Arab countries where there are still Bedouin nomads, like Jordan and Oman. Same deal as with the Mongols, you can stay with them
lol the Bedouins aren't some honorable nomad people, in the modern age they're the same as every other 'arab' group in MENA. They'll pretend to be your friend, hassle you, and steal from you all while chainsmoking cigarettes
Wherever it is, you will not be welcome. Go where you belong, whatever race you are.
This is like a black guy asking where the nice Martha's Vineyard summer resorts are. They certainly don't want you to find them.

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