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Why do you like traveling? Should everyone travel at least once in their life?
I love to travel so I can have the biggest and most socially acceptable flex on poor people.

> Spend thousands to meet people who hope to make in a year what I frivolously spend each day.
> Give no fucks about destroying their environment. Might fuck around and eat an endangered species tonight because I can.
> Stay at airbnbs to save me money and drive up their unaffordable rents
> Gentrify their restaurants and neighbourhoods by posting pictures online to show I'm a true traveller. Steal their culture while destroying it for locals so I can have fun.
> Bribe cops to ensure that money is power
> Haggle at souvenir shops to not only support an industry that doesn't provide intrinsic value but also to ensure they don't get too comfortable
> Insist on telling locals where I'm from and how different it is from this shithole I can leave at any time. Might even fuck around and tell you I miss home and all the better things there
> Do some charity work for the selfies because my weekend warrior skills are better than funding a local
> Might even tell you about how tired and jetlagged I am while you slave away. Shit is exhausting bumming around with a 5 word local vocabulary.
>Take pictures of the fleeting glory your socialism achieved so I can include the pictures of the aftermath in the same album

It's absolutely based. Everyone who can afford it should try.
This guy gets it
>Why do you like traveling?
Sun. Walkable cities. Brothels
>Should everyone travel at least once in their life?
>Should everyone travel at least once in their life?
No. Chinese tourists are proof of that
It brings perspective and made me realize that the quality of life in my own country is way higher than most others, I don't have to get a university degree and work 12 hours a day to only earn 500 euros a month for example

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