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I want to go and stargazing at an national park but I have no idea how to even start plan for it. Can you guys help me out ? If anybody has any experience pls tell me what I should do ?
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Ive gone to a couple tours at enchanted rock and devils river before. Heres what you do:
>look up nearest area park with some stargazing tours
>rent some rv/cabin or camp nearby
>go to that shit
>look at some fucking stars maybe even the milky way
Stars are cool but the milky way is fucking great. I don't mean to undersell it but it's stupid fucking easy to do. Check the skies will be clear, dress warm, most nice dark sky recognized parks have stargazing guided tours but you can easily find other areas to fuck off alone if you want. Stargazing people on tours tend to be old chill fuckers. Don't be an asshole talking too much. Just shut the fuck up and look up a lot. Im sure theres better advice but its not a very complicated activity.
There's a public observatory near Big Bend run by UT Austin. You have to set reservations very far in advance.
just go to an empty part of the US and look up bro lol
Look up 'dark sky parks'. They're literally all about this.
You can't beat Utah in the summer for stargazing. But bring your own alcohol because you can't buy booze anywhere.
Bring a flashlight with red tape over the light; red light won't kill your night vision, which is what you need to see the sky in its full glory. IIRC it takes like 20 minutes for night vision to fully set in if you get exposed to regular light.

Read up on the dark sky park association (whatever they're called) website for tips on all this. This is what they're all about.

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