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File: 7ialcps1mhl21.jpg (443 KB, 2404x1260)
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Travel is officially dead isn't it? Not only from covid but also from pic related. The late 1990s to around 2015 was peak travel. We are never going to get that golden era back ever again. Its over.
i either travel with people and interact only with them
or travel solo and interact with no one
travel is unchanged for me
where do you meet people to travel with ?
i meet them travelling.
Lol no. Global high speed mobile data is what killed the magic. In fact I would argue that mobile dumbphones were the beginning of the end. In the golden age, you went to the library and got a book on some country, you leafed through the pages and called a number for a hotel halfway a round the world, accounting for time zones, and you spoke to a human on the phone who may not have been a native speaker of your language. You arranged things, you went the bank to convert your currency, and then weeks later you got a taxi at the airport, tried to explain your destination to some guy who doesn't speak your language, and hopefully arrived there, at which point you were at the mercy of the person you spoke to weeks before. Can't read the menu? Better befriend someone and hope there isn't some hilarious misunderstanding leading to a learning experience.

Now you can just surf the airwaves the whole way and select your favorite instagram ready room on arrival, if it doesn't tickle your fancy you switch rooms at the last second and uber over to that address instead, while looking at the superhost's nudes to check if their pubic hair is trimmed according to your casual sex subculture's current fashion. All the money stuff is done with apple pay and you don't even have to do currency conversions or touch foreign money. Don't understand a sign? Point your phone at it and it will translate for you. Misunderstanding? Leave a 1 star review in your own language and hope it goes viral.
>The late 1990s to around 2015 was peak travel. We are never going to get that golden era back ever again. Its over.
Peak modern travel was in the 70s and 80s.
We are never going to live it anyways.
Cheap flights, internet, digital foto/video, globalization, etc killed peak travel.
It'll come back, but we need to stop lying to ourselves that travel will be like it used to be anytime soon. I don't think that degree of ease of movement will return for decades.
You are officially a doomer, that's all.
>Peak modern travel was in the 70s and 80s.
>We are never going to live it anyways.
>Cheap flights, internet, digital foto/video, globalization, etc killed peak travel.

File: 1449171040488.jpg (56 KB, 693x693)
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Key word being modern.
>kids these days
I said we are never going to experience it, including me.

But yeah you are totally right nothing can ever have been better in the past ever, everyone that implies so is just nostalgiafagging, right?
More inconvenient doesn’t mean objectively better… a lot of the things people think they like about travel… they can just get by separating from their smartphone for a while and being more present/mindful… like when you are in an albergue in Spain trying to figure out how you are going to do your laundry and where to get some dry pasta… to some that’s adventure and to another it’s just a waste of time… the truth is in the spirit not the novel inconveniences
travel isn’t dead, you’d be surprised how many people in the world still reject modern e-culture. You just need to stay off the beaten path and manage your expectations. Smartphones are very useful for booking a series of public transports from the south of France to Belgium. It’s up to you to put it down after booking and ask the bus driver his name and remember to look out the window
made friends at school or through family or other family members
im not the "real traveler" doing couch surfing or meeting free spirited people in hostels in india
Boomer-filled thread, lmao. You guys are pathetic. Go back to 80s, faggots.
And you would be totally right that absolutely nothing can ever be good in the present and everyone who implies that is an NPC, right?
lol i still go to exchange shops to get my money, befriend locals and take taxis with nothing but just an address on paper, and I'm 25.
>accounting for time zones
Hotels are open 24/7 you retarded larper.
Idk what you are talking about, since no one in this thread has implied that.
Did you even read the OP?
Lmao are you seriously comparing travelling around the planet to a hobby with a fanbase, this is a truly pathetic thread.
'Travel is dead because I am older now and I see people younger than me doing it in a different way'
>smartphones killed the magic
kill yourself. Travel before smartphones was more stressful, more expensive and generally more shit in every conceivable way. Now I don't have 100 pieces of paper in my pocket and I can arrange to meet girls off Tinder before I even arrive. Seriously, fuck you boomer retard.
The only time NPC's or any implication of it is brought up in this entire thread is your post >>2173266

But i guess when you don't have much interesting or useful stuff to say its better to just post shallow rhetorical bullshit like >>2173135
>>2173266 instead of replying properly.
travel is unironically in a golden era right now imo....
>all popular destinations are empty
>warm places are still warm
>the people u meet are always schizophrenic, fringe thnkers, rich, etc.

i have had a great time travelling for the last 2 years, except for all the gay covid tests and shit, but if thats the price to keep cattle locked in their houses so be it .
I like these threads because it’s like you equate peak travel with having all borders open to hordes of low class gross faggot people SHOUTING in their streets when they talk, JABBING their fingers as a gesture and seeing nothing wrong with it, and just spreading their rat faggot aberrant behavior around.

No fucking thanks. I am thoroughly enjoying these worthless violent vermin being LOCKED OUT of these nations so I can saunter around unmolested and find a nice patio seat at the bar instead of it being RAMMED with hideous bald imp faggots BELLOWING about sportsball and LEERING at me because I’m a young attractive dude that still has hair and is traveling.

I want them all forever LOCKED IN to their faggot nations
>Global high speed mobile data is what killed the magic.
From a certain perspective, it IS the magic that makes this era one of the best.

It's ok to be nostalgic, but let's note that this is nostalgia at least partially for chores.
The NPC implication is in OP's image, retard. The fuck do you call a previously uninterested people invading a hobby because they're blindly following a fad
You sure are pedantic as fuck
You're gay and balding, Tyler
Definitely feels like stage 5 in the realm of crypto rn
Before Covid in 2019 I remember being on an island in Greece and it was just absolutely fucking packed with dipshit italian zoomers on mopeds, fat british mongs, hundreds of germanoids, just complete utter mass of people on a tiny island you could barely even move. I thought to myself then, "How the fuck is this sustainable?". Then covid hit and boom all normies get locked out of travel. Went to Portugal mid covid and it was surreal. Airport empty, half full flights. That was before everyone became obsessed with vaccines though - there was a nice period where you could travel with tests and quarantines so normies couldnt risk losing time off work. Was bliss. Now the cattle can start moving around again with their cattle-slave shots it might revert back to being shit. Not sure.
>Definitely feels like stage 5 in the realm of crypto rn
Not necessarily a bad thing if you're just looking for some gains
>The NPC implication is in OP's image
That meme is ancient as fuck and a common thing, it a different issue than NPC's.
>You sure are pedantic as fuck
Maybe its just your caricatures and over interpretations of other peoples post that are retarded.
You post these wild assumptions and strawmen and then claim i'm being pedantic when I clarify, and try to help your comprehension troubles.
Travel is basically going from checkpoint to checkpoint and pointing a phone at it to take a photo which will never be used anywhere for the majority of people now. People don't even live in this timeline anymore but in the dopamine upcummy world
You a fag tho same as op
File: start arguing any time.png (429 KB, 399x614)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
>JABBING their fingers as a gesture and seeing nothing wrong with it
You mean pointing? what's wrong with pointing? Yes, btw we're pointing at you (and laughing)
>SEA closed
>Philieans closed
>UK back on lockdown measures
Travel is dead, anyone who tell you they are traveling is either larping or a stupid dumb mutt yank who ruin travel for the rest of us because of their stupid leaders no healthcare and retardation about locking down for 2 weeks so thsi would have all be a big nothing
I would say the main problem is the mask mandation. I looked up some dolphin sighting tour in mexico on a boat and they require a mask. Like what the fuck you can't even enjoy the nice warm air on a boat.
> Lists destinations
> Philippines separate from SEA and misspelled
> Adds UK for some weird reason
> Nobody cares about the UK
> Blames Americans for covid

Are you having a stroke?
>> Nobody cares about the UK
The world literally was founded by England, you're welcome. NO ONE gives a shit about the US
>Hey bill wanna go across the country? I hear they have a slightly different mcdonalds+gas sation
>Sure let's use our BIG TRUCKS to do it, thank fuck we ain't got none of that commie train shit here
>Damn right let's head out and let BBC hit our wives up
>hell yea ted!

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