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If Andorra is outside of the Schengen area and tourist visas last 3 months, could I live in Spain for 3 months, move to Andorra for another 3 months, then back to Spain and so on? all legally?
It wouldn’t work. Because Andorra has no airports, it adheres to Schengen-area visa and exemption regulations even though it is not a Schengen signatory state. You also wouldn’t get your passport stamped or checked at all going into or out of Andorra, so your entry date to Spain doesn’t get an exit date.
It is possible, you can get Spanish or French exit/entry stamp at the border if you go to the border guards' office and ask for it.
Some people indeed do this to save allowed days in the Schengen area.
however its 90 days in a 180 days period so visa hopping is not possible anyway
On day 89, you go to Andorra and ask for an exit stamp from Spain. Then you return to Spain (or France) without any further stamps.
On day 179, you go to Andorra again and ask for exit stamp, as if you were in Andorra for the whole 90 days.
This trick is used mostly by people who want to stay in Spain for a long time, I searched on Russian forums and got plenty of discussion on this trick.
How is Andorra? Sounds like a boring shithole especially for 3 months.
It's a nice place, mostly people go there for skiing and for duty free shopping. Of course it's not so fun for three months if you want entertainment or partying, just like any other small town.
ah makes sense. Also I think Spain has this stupid thing if you stay there illegally long enough you can get legalized?
Yes, but also it's used by snowbirds (people who want to spent winter in Spain, but need a bit more than 3 months allowed).

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