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File: Mexicocity.jpg (637 KB, 2500x1563)
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I am white guy whose 5'10 with a 5/10 face.
Can I get latin girls do they go for younger guys ( I am 20).

My Spanish skills are alright I am not super fluent but I can hold basic conversations (it will also probably improve a lot when I am there)
Forgot to add in specifically looking for MtF girls. I heard Mexico has the best.
File: travelnigger.jpg (338 KB, 700x695)
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338 KB JPG
>Might go to mexico city for a few months how easy are mexican girls?
OP here, also note that I am trans (MtF) if that matters.
You will be surprised with how easy, and ready to meet Mexican girls are. In America, it’s the same thing, if you’re attractive. I’m 5’9ft but with gorgeous curly hair, and a 9/10 face making six figures. You’d essentially be living my life, if you lived in Mexico. However, you need to improve your Spanish. While yea, you need to let a girl do most of the talking for you on a date; you at the very least should understand 80% of what she says so you can answer questions so you aren’t a mute.

Two things you need to do. First get tinder & bumble. Then, take actually good pictures of you clearly in the USA. You want to stand out as “the foreign guy”.
Unironically there are some tranny prostitutes near my house here in CDMX.
Real OP here...

Any tips to improve my Spanish I mainly learned from doulingo so I can read Spanish text pretty easily but hearing Spanish is hard beyond simple conversation.

I tried a vpn in Latin America and did really good so that fills me with a lot of hope
Also they need to be well over 300lbs. It’s the magic number for me, a 290lbs sapling won’t do it for me.
>I’m 5’9ft but with gorgeous curly hair, and a 9/10 face making six figures.

Sure, and I'm a 18 year old chad with a 10 inch dick and a $10 million trust fund. No guy but a flaming fag would describe his hair as gorgeous. Try another larp.

I was recently in CDMX and would add on that Tinder was pretty dry for me but I had an incredible amount of matches on Bumble, literally got 5-10 quality matches per day that were both reasonably attractive and that messaged me pretty quickly/were responsive. Someone told me that Hinge is also very popular there but I didn't have a chance to download it

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