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Planning a trip next week to TJ, first time.

Any tips to help me survive? I'm kind of frightened because I hear it's dangerous.
I did it when I was 22.. back in '11
seemed fine, some white guy in a business suit got in a funny fight with a mexican in that long hallway... guards broke it up pretty quick
just walked around TJ til I found the bus stop and headed south
the border is fine, guards with guns keeping peace, nobody asked to see my passport or anything, no stamp
During the day sure, but the later it is I would not suggest it especially El Centro. This is stupid, but I was trying to get back to Rosarito from a Padres game and the only bus was in El Centro. Long story I lost a Trac phone that night due to a robbery. It is a fun place just wstch your ass and don't be out past 12 especially if you are not sampling the wears on the strip.
You're going for the hookers aren't you?
>going to see the scummies women
>afraid of the path there, not of when he reaches there
biggest thing to worry about are the cops tryna get a propina from you. I'll be there next week too.

not going to the HK, Chicago, etc. bc I think its a rip off, more interested in street whores and will def be back at the hotel around 10-11pm

considering renting an extra room to bring whores. have not had success doing this bc they all want to use the hotel they stand in front of.

it's safer to go to TJ as a group and I'm not opposed to meeting an anon at a bar to see if we vibe. Would be cool if 3 or 4 anons chipped in and we got a nice hotel for just whore fucking and left all our shit in our own personal hotels.

I can post on this or another thread when I arrive actually I'll make a thread now.
I did this early 2020, its fine if you go to the main street in a group, I went with a mexican guy working at my hostel and he did several trips before. We went in the afternoon and left shortly after dark
Why choose street hookers? The girls at HK can be very hot, not all, but a good amount.

Also has HK reopened? And is it the same?
I've been traveling between San Diego and Tijuana for years to get hookers, food and benzos.

>Absolutely no safety concerns whatsoever
>Just stick to two spots - the zona rosa (where HK is) and Revultion Avenida (restaurans & touristy shit)
>You'll walk through the mexico entrance and walk down a ramp. There will be zillions of taxi's waiting to take you to wherever you want - just get in and say "Hong Kong". Every taxi will know where it is
>Visit Hotel Cesar for the best food in the city, also the this restaurant is where Caeser Salad was invented.
>There are numerous brothels in zona rosa, and the street behind them is the freelancer avenue. SKIP ALL OF THAT and only stick to HK and Tropical. Those two brothels have the most attractive women, everything else is short chubby juanitas for the local mexicans.
>The freelancers that stand behind the clubs are there for a reason. They either got banned from the clubs due to bad behavior or too many complaints, or can't pass an std test. Just steer clear.

In Hong Kong:
>Make sure you have a lot of $1's (in usd). There's going to be "meseros", guys walking around selling roses, candy, etc. Be firm and say no.
>When you select a girl, get a drink with them. They have to meet a quota of customers buying them "lady drinks" and they have their own punch card. A lady drink is like $6 to $9.
>I've had hookers give me full-on GFE simply for telling them they can buy 2 drinks when the waiter comes by. It gives them peace of mind that they don't have to worry about that quota
>Most hookers cost between $80 and $100 to take upstairs. I'm not a cheap charlie, and at least two white-ish 10/10's have asked me for like $300 for a single fuck. In both cases I negotiated it down to $200 and was content. They were that fine.

OP, if you can, try to leave Tijuana and head back to the border crossing before nightfall. The line to cross back in can be long as hell after 7pm.

Don't listen to >>2146637, he's likely an Indian.

You're much more likely to get ripped off by a street hooker than at HK or Tropico. Those whores in the back alley/street are there for a reason, when they could have been making 10x more if they were inside a club.

>I made the mistake of seeing one street girl. She was nice and sweet while we were doing introductions. Cost $50. But when we went to the little dingey backroom for sex, her attitude instantly changed, she laid there like a starfish and said "Only two positions". I couldn't even finish I was so turned off by her attitude.
>After getting dressed, I go into HK, a cute girl and I chat and I take her upstairs. She makes me cum in seconds using her kama sutra skills.

I'm guessing >>2146637 is refused entry into those clubs, likely due to skin color.
With that said, it is a good idea to rent a room at the hotel that is attached to Tropical or HK and just constantly bring whores back in. If you do 3 hooker trips in a single day, then its worth it.
> If you do 3 hooker trips in a single day, then its worth it.
Thanks. Those rooms look rank as fuck to actually stay in, or are the guest rooms different than the fuck rooms? Also last time I was there, I had the HK card and they said they had no rooms available. Maybe you need to book online. It’s definitely a GREAT strip club. Unbelievable.

I've only booked a stay in the hotel room inside Tropical, and it was really nice. I think a 24 hour stay comes out to $75 if I recall. Meanwhile, each trip to a short-time room in HK or Trop is $30. So you can do the math on whether it's a bargain or not.

Also, HK & Trop are owned by the same people. You're permitted to bring girls from either club into the rooms there. I don't believe you can bring street girls in.
Is Tropical the club next door? I thought it was called Adeita's, which is actually a good club even though it looks a bit rough, but the girls dont really know much English, however you just use a translation app for the gritty details

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