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Paris or London?
for what? people go to places for different things
London, French people are not nice.
What are your criteria? If you're going to the museums, it tough to say. London has great history museums whereas Paris has more artsy shit.

Please elaborate further for us.


London but only because Paris is really shit.
To live in
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London is a shithole, but Paris is a 3rd world country with white-holdouts. I will never understand why the French are such snobs with this air of superiority when they just gave the jewel of their country and culture away to the 3rd world mobs.

Imagine being french LMAO.
paris is worse
I'm french and get the fuck out we don't want ANY anglo here

Paris is full of shitskins also

J'espère que la reine va crever cette vieille putain
im coming you frog and there’s nothing you can do to stop me
> I'm going to shoot myself in the foot and there's nothing you can do to stop me

>J'espère que la reine va crever cette vieille putain

Flush that parasite language in the fucking toilet, then you have my permission to kill yourself
I like both, unironically and unapologetically. But like the single quasi-serious poster says, we can’t rank them without knowing what you are in to.

London is much bigger, has at least a few more of most things except famous works of art, although there’s serious art in London, too. I would say London is better for contemporary/modern art, Paris is superior for early 20th century or older.

London is better for live music in all genres, as well as for theater/re, unless you are specifically interested in French music or drama. Maybe ballet or opera are better in France? Beats me.

Paris is cheaper but both are expensive.

Indigenous food is better in France by most people’s standards, but the stereotype of “English Food = Shit” is at least a little out of date nationwide and London has always been an outlier. It’s a good place to eat.
It definitely used to be shit, though. Best thing to eat in England for about a century was curry.

Drinking is IMO better in France—the UK makes some excellent beers and they binge enthusiastically but pubs close early and despite good gin and whisk(e)y traditions, cocktails are regulated to be pathetically weak. France has a better variety of booze, bartenders pour stronger drinks, and it’s a lot cheaper. Better and easier place for a low-key all-day drunk. But it can’t compete on the beer front unless you want imports from Belgium.

I think there’s a greater concentration of attractive historical architecture in Paris—there’s a lot in London as well but it’s more thoroughly built over with ugly newer stuff and what’s left is more spread out. Paris still has neighborhoods that feel medieval.

Paris is marginally greener; London has a number of parks but many neighborhoods feel and look pretty gray. London is somewhat cleaner, although if you’re from a small town, Singapore, or Switzerland both are dirty.

London is a bit more big city generic (like of like NYC), Paris is a bit more tourist trappy.
Paris is much more old-world than London. It feels like the French have made an effort to try and preserve the city for it's beauty, history and elegance. I can't say they've particularly succeeded in that, merely that this is what they've attempted.

London feels a cross between a old-world city and new world. I'm constantly impressed with the scale of things in London and how quickly developments crop up and get built compared to the rest of the UK (and Europe for that matter).

A clear example of this distinction is as follows. In London there are plenty of super modern skyscraper bars and restaurants pretty much everywhere including the centre. In Paris, you can find restaurants with nice views and terraces but nothing like in London unless you go out of the inner city, even then it's hard to make a comparison.

London without a doubt has outpaced Paris in terms of dining. There's a MUCH wider range of food and dining experiences to be had on all fronts. French dining is almost a meme of itself at this point. I'd also argue that London is cleaner, friendlier and probably safer too.

Paris also has way more ethnics and they're much more noticeable. London feels more international, with a heavy presence of Americans and other anglosphere nationals. At one point the biggest population of non-British nationals in one or two London boroughs was American, although that may have changed now.

The one thing I'll finally add in favour of Paris is this. Paris has a clear cut identity. You know where you are in that city and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. Whilst London feels more developed, it also loses it's soul a bit in the process and blends in more internationally.
if you object then you failed to answer the question properly
Both are normie shithes. Which one is more of a shithole? Paris 100%. Only western city I ever went to that was close to India tier.
Even french people have told me not to visit france or paris so I would say Paris. London was expensive and dull and no one was British.
Good posting fren.
Not to mention that they lost their own country and had it given back to them on a silver platter by the Americans, Brits and Russians.

Literally HOW are they arrogant fucks?
both are shitty hellholes with a Paris being slightly smellier and more shit-infested.

2/10 wouldn't want to hang dead over a fence in any of them
Paris is a third world ghetto. Plus french are so fucking rude and up their own assholes. The whole city is disgusting, it's why Japs need therapy after visiting.
Ballet and opera and classical music in general are both better in London than in Paris.
London has better theatre, better live comedy, better live music.
And whisper it so the french don't hear, but better and more varied restaurants too.
Paris does look prettier, because they surrendered lol so the centre didn't get redeveloped by Ju88s
London is 100x better than Paris although both have declined a lot
>which shithole is better?
I would rather kill myself than visit either one.

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