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I'm aware Brazil has a sizable white population in the southern states area, is it safe & worth traveling to? Brazil notoriously has a high homicide rate. Also I'm interested in Florianopolis, how is it over there?
Florianopolis is one of the few tolerable places. Other states like Parana and Rio Grande do Sul are decent picks although the latter is on decline for a while now. But don't forget: the country is a living meme and you're never 100% safe.
You're probably better off asking people on int, that board is like 20% brazil and much more active, plus it will be people with actual experience instead of larpers pretending they got laid a ton when they really fucked 2 prossies and then went home
One anon from Mexico used to talk on this board about Latin America a lot. He would always put his username as Taco Pal.
Fuck, really? He was insufferable on /jp/.
How about Sao Paulo? I've been told by a Brazilian Rio's really not worth it crime wise, and you're basically walking around with a target on you as a white tourist

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